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2021 The 25th China-Sanya Ultima Thule International Wedding Festival Successfully Held, Twenty-Five Years of Prosperity, Painting the Romantic Horizon


The 25th China-Sanya Ultima Thule International Wedding Festival 2021 was successfully held in Sanya from November 29 to 30. This year, while continuing the classics of previous years, it has emphasized professionalism and innovation, with 15 brilliantly presented thematic activities, in search of trends and trends. in the development of wedding tourism.

During the wedding festival, hundreds of experts and academics from the national wedding industry, practitioners and couples from all over the country gathered in Sanya to participate in the exciting major thematic activities. We all went to the event to share opportunities and seek common development. From event organization to brand shaping, advice to concept production, this year’s wedding festival, with the cooperation of many parties, deepens the potential of the wedding industry and promotes the sharing of resources, creativity and markets.

After 25 years of unremitting efforts, the Sanya Ultima Thule International Wedding Festival has not only made progress in terms of content, scale of organization and brand building. However, it has also become an influential professional event in the national wedding tourism industry while greatly promoting the modernization and development of the Sanya wedding tourism industry. After decades of cultivation, Sanya’s wedding industry has released strong vitality and is becoming a powerful “engine” for the recovery of the tourism economy.

(Subtitle) 15 thematic activities

This year the Ultima Thule International Wedding Festival covers 15 themed activities, an international tourist and cultural feast that is both fashionable and innovative in spirit, bringing Ultima Thule’s culture of love to a new international level, fashionable and professional.

This year’s wedding festival is based on the “Wedding Party + N” model. 25 couples were recruited from across the country to take love vows at the Skyline wedding opening ceremony; The 3rd GWHI Global Weddings and Honeymoons Forum attracted representatives of tourism boards and the wedding tourism industry from over 20 countries and regions around the world. The 3rd GWHI Global Wedding & Honeymoon Island Forum attracted tourism boards and wedding tourism industry representatives from over 20 countries and regions around the world to discuss the current state of wedding tourism during the outbreak and coordinate marketing plans for global wedding and honeymoon island destinations. with Sanya as the hub city after the epidemic; The annual Ultima Thule International Wedding Festival awards ceremony unveiled a number of awards, including Best Wedding Photography. the development of the wedding industry.

It’s a visual feast; Internationally renowned wedding planner Cai Shang once again creates the opening ceremony and “cloud feather” skyline wedding scene. twilight night sky. Cubic pixel art deconstructs the horizon stone with the technique of cubic pixel art, and in an era when imaging technology pursues a higher definition restoration of reality, the pixelated electronic style of dot painting micro-detail is like a rebirth in the digital age.

Galia Lahav wedding dress 2022SS high-definition collection “Do not disturb” shows their own understanding of the interpretation of the beauty of the doctrine of romantic, luxurious, sexy and vintage wedding dress.

Recently launched this year, the “One Marriage Certificate Tour to Sanya” adheres to the concept of becoming the global driving force of the wedding tourism market in Sanya, enabling deeper integration of the wedding industry with the hospitality industry and the duty free tourism. At the same time, the IP brand of Ultima Thule international wedding festival is continuously upgraded and established to make Hainan wedding tourism industry bigger and stronger.

The main group of people who are now getting married are the ‘after 90’ and ‘after 2000’, who prefer a destination wedding model that incorporates wedding photography, marriage and honeymoon as opposed to traditional wedding and honeymoon weddings. hotel banquet style. 2021 25th China – Sanya At the Ultima Thule International Wedding Festival, Ultima Thule 2021-2022 wedding products were launched, including “Spring Breeze”, “Love Letter” Lawn, “In Search of Eternity” and “Wedding Spring Breeze” “,” “Love Letter” and “In Search of Eternity” are three themed weddings to meet the public.

The wedding fashion product launch not only showed the public the advanced products of Sanya wedding tourism and promoted the one-stop service products of Sanya wedding tourism; In addition, it also improved the branding of wedding tourism in Sanya, promoted the resource link between wedding product suppliers and guest sources, and promoted the development of wedding industry links. .

Since the first Ultima Thule international wedding festival was held in 1996, the Ultima Thule excursion area has successfully hosted 25 wedding festivals. The success of the event not only enhanced the brand image and influence of the scenic region, but also laid a solid foundation for the development of the wedding industry in the region. Today, the Ultima Thule excursion area has been integrated into a mature wedding service base, a popular choice for couples who choose travel photography, wedding photography, and wedding dress, receiving in average about 20,000 couples entering the park for wedding photos each year.

The annual Sanya Ultima Thule international wedding festival focuses on the characteristics and benefits of wedding tourism, meets popular consumer demand, fully combines the special resources of Sanya and the new fashion of destination weddings; simultaneously, it further shapes the image of Sanya wedding tourism destination and stimulates the joint development of the whole industry chain such as wedding photography, wedding ceremony, wedding exhibition, the hotel accommodation industry and the restaurant industry.

Industry practitioner certification is an important mark of an international wedding tourism city. This year, the Ultima Thule International Wedding Festival not only hosted the third GWHI Global Weddings and Honeymoons Forum, where representatives from 21 wedding and honeymoon island countries and regions around the world discussed the economic development and global wedding and wedding tourism trends on the honeymoon islands to the background of the epidemic but also first launched the concept of Sanya GWHI certification. In addition, 25 wedding industry elites from 7 countries received the first batch of GWHI international certification after the referral or self-nomination procedures by relevant organizations, qualifying examination, referral or certification. self-nomination by relevant organizations, qualification examination and expert assessment.

The 2021 China Love-Themed Cultural Tourism Conference was held at the Hainan Sanya International Convention and Exhibition Center, where representatives from nearly 50 major tourist sites, government departments related to culture and tourism, representatives of national culture, tourism, agriculture, leisure industry and representatives of pending enterprises gathered to seek common development. The conference was held at the end of 2021, which made an important contribution to promoting the appropriate collection of resources from culture, tourism, agriculture and the health industry in 2022, building the typical momentum and creating a “dotted line” model of development. and support for the rural revitalization policy.

Twenty-five years of spring and autumn, following the trend, realization of the classic; 25 years of beauty, wind and rain, breakthrough. Sanya Ultima Thule International Wedding Festival has been going on for 25 years without interruption, which is a kind of perseverance and butterfly change. In the future, Sanya will continue to innovate in wedding tourism products and, with the support of the preferential policies of Hainan Free Trade Port, promote the development of cross-border integration of wedding tourism and tourism. culture, fashion and other areas, to create a more mature marriage. tourism industry chain and make Sanya’s wedding tourism industry more international, professional and boutique.

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