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Accommodation Association Wins $5.6 Million Investment in Victoria Jobs Program


A $5.6 million investment from the Government of Victoria will support the role of the Accommodation Association’s new jobs program in the state.

The injection of funds will cover the paid training and placement of up to 400 job seekers at members’ regional and metropolitan properties for at least 12 months of employment, which will help members cope with the severe shortage labor.

Accommodation Association chair Leanne Harwood said it was a win for job seekers, industry members and Victorian tourists.

“The Accommodation Association Victorian Jobs Program is an evolution of our existing and extensive industry employment pathway solutions, and this significant and welcome funding will support the training of up to 400 skilled workers at our properties. metropolitan and regional,” Harwood said.

“I thank the Government of Victoria for recognizing the value of the bespoke training that is an integral part of our programs, which are uniquely suited to bridge the gap between demand and supply of skilled personnel in our industry. Our Accommodation Association Victorian jobs program will maximize the return on state government investment by matching the right people to the right jobs at member properties, fostering long-term careers for candidates who can Not needed anymore.

The program will be accessible to all jobseekers in Victoria’s priority cohort, who are traditionally more vulnerable to unemployment or precarious work, and will provide practical training on hotel premises.

It has been designed to provide hands-on, hands-on learning that offers highly transferable skills and gives job seekers a foot in the door of industry.

Cassandra Champion, chief operating officer of the Accommodation Association, believes the program will bring great results for both industry and job seekers and will “change hundreds of lives”.

“The Accommodation Association’s employment pathways are designed to meet the needs of job seekers and our members because our industry is such an incredibly diverse nature,” she said.

“There are no two identical properties and no candidate either. What remains a constant is that thanks to our members, every job offers a mix of longevity, inclusivity, flexibility and fun.

With many Melbourne hotels opting to operate at 60 per cent due to staffing issues, it is essential that more qualified people are brought into the industry, says Accommodation Association Victorian advisory board member Stephen Moore.

“The main business challenge for members in Victoria is rebuilding our workforce,” Moore said.

“The hundreds of new staff being trained through the Accommodation Association Victorian jobs program means our members can capitalize on growing visitor demand and continue to rebuild our local hospitality industry.”

The Accommodation Association Victorian jobs program is supported by the $250 million Jobs Victoria fund.