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Amenitiz wants to upgrade the tech stack of independent hotels – TechCrunch


Meet Arrangement, a Barcelona-based startup that describes its products as the operating system for independent hoteliers, guesthouses and cottages. In more technical terms, Amenitiz has developed a software product as a vertical service that combines everything you need to run a hotel.

The company has just raised a round of funding of 7.5 million dollars (6.5 million euros) led by Point Nine. Supported, Otium and several business angels, such as Avi Meier, Matt Robinson and Carlos Gonzales, also participated in today’s round. Jean-Christophe Taunay and Arthur Waller will also be independent directors.

In particular, Amenitiz takes care of three important bricks in the hotel industry: it is a property management system, it acts as a channel manager and it makes it easier for you to accept direct bookings.

You may have noticed that the same hotel is listed on many different websites, mostly owned by two companies – Booking Holdings (Booking.com, Priceline, Agoda, Kayak…) and Expedia Group (Expedia, Hotels.com , HomeAway, Trivago…). The distribution channels being very fragmented, it has become complicated to manage the listings on all these sites.

Hotels generally rely on channel managers to avoid tedious micro-management work. A channel manager can manage your listings on dozens of booking sites at once. Reservations are synchronized, which means your hotel will appear full on Hotels.com when you sell the last room on Booking.com.

And a channel manager becomes even more useful when it integrates directly with your property management system (PMS). This tool allows you to manage your hotel. For example, you can assign rooms, add an extra night, and preview the next two weeks.

Instead of relying on legacy technology, Amenitiz wants to create a suitable alternative to software as a service that works well from the start. As an added benefit, you can build some cool stuff based on it.

For example, the startup also helps you build a website for your hotel or guesthouse. On this site, you can allow users to book rooms directly using the startup’s reservation module. And even if people want to book a room with a phone call or a WhatsApp message, you can send a payment link and track the booking in Amenitiz.

So far, Amenitiz has attracted 3,000 properties. With today’s fundraising round, Amenitiz plans to add more features, such as revenue management. It will triple the size of its teal with an emphasis on the French, Italian and Spanish markets.

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