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Assistant Food and Beverage Manager

job descriptionDirects and organizes the activities of the Food & Beverage departments to maintain high standards of food and beverage quality, service and marketing to maximize profits through exceptional customer service

Participate in the preparation of the hotel’s strategic and marketing plans. Preparation of the budget for the catering department.

Plans and directs the administration and planning functions of the Food & Beverage department to meet the day-to-day needs of the operation.

Ensure that all Anantara Resorts food and beverage standards are met.

Keep abreast of food and beverage preparation and service trends, systems, practices and equipment in the hospitality industry.

Establish a monthly reporting system to monitor: key performance indicators, operational expenses, project updates and other related tasks


Be aware of the best offers from external competitors in the local market and continuously work with hotel colleagues to improve our own offers with the aim of being the best in the market in terms of creativity, service, choice and value for money.

You will be responsible for running operations efficiently in accordance with Anantara brand strategies and standards, while exceeding the expectations of our colleagues, guests and owners.

Establish SOPs and best practices to create high quality service standards for the F&B division that provides the best experience for customers and staff members.

Oversee the operation of all employees, facilities, sales and food and beverage costs to ensure maximum profit for the department.

Take personal responsibility for maximizing product and service quality levels and customer satisfaction.

Achieve high standards of hygiene throughout the catering operation by applying Anantara’s Sanitation Checklist.

Ensure that everyone in the departments properly takes care of all hotel properties and facilities.

Ensure departments perform maintenance inspection on a monthly basis.

Oversee and coordinate the pricing and preparation of menus, beverages and wines, and liaise with local vendors.

Develop middle management through coaching and consulting within F&B outlets.

Participate in public relations activities, sales calls or other promotional activities designed to improve the image and profitability of the F&B departments


The Assistant Food and Beverage Manager is responsible for all F&B operations in the absence of the Food and Beverage Manager.

Maintain an effective link with the Executive Office, Guests and Owner Company at all times while fully projecting corporate image and brand values.

Coordinates the organization and administrative functions in all areas of the F&B division. Ensure that all F&B reports and data are submitted on time to the appropriate departments

Establish and maintain effective relationships with employees.

Liaise with HR on all employee matters including interviewing and hiring, employee orientation, performance reviews, coaching, counseling and termination as necessary to ensure staffing and appropriate productivity.

With the Hotel Training Manager, identify training needs and develop and deliver required training for department employees to meet business needs. Support the training of departmental trainers to continue to improve hotel service levels.

Be a sales champion for the hotel, generate and follow up on business referrals and potential leads to maximize hotel business.

Interview, train, supervise, advise, schedule and evaluate staff.

Above all, lead by example through a hands-on approach to motivate our associate to excel.