Bank account theft: what next?

Losing money is a painful blow. What if you steal money from your bank account? How to behave when money has disappeared from the account? We’ve collected some tips for you that may be helpful in this situation!

Hacking into an online bank account: how do you guard against it?

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As the old Polish proverb says: prevention is better than cure! Stealing money from an online bank account is a situation in which rather none of us would like to be found. Cleaned bank account: how to prevent it? There are several “good practices” that are worth implementing, including: Protect your data! We don’t need to remind you about that, do we? Do not log in to your online banking account on someone else’s computer and make sure that the equipment you use to use your bank account is properly secured.

Don’t write down your payment card PIN – it’s like a Swedish thief buffet, especially if the PIN is noted on the card or somewhere where you usually wear it. Do not log into your online banking account using a public, unsecured wifi network – such a network is like a door to your account wide open for a thief. Of course, these are just some of the precautions to take if you want to avoid stealing money from your online bank account. You must be aware of the dangers awaiting you and your money! A robbed bank account is not a pleasant experience!

Where to report the theft from a bank account?

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It happened: you noticed that you lost money from your account! What to do if theft has been hacked into your account? Immediately contact the bank and present the situation. For what? The bank will block your account so that no further withdrawals are possible. Then inform the police about everything so that they can take action to apprehend the perpetrator.

Theft by using a payment card

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What if there has been unauthorized use of the card? To what extent are you responsible for unauthorized transactions? How should you behave in a situation where money from a proximity card is stolen? If you have been the victim of such theft, stop the card as soon as possible! You can do this by phone, online banking or at a bank branch. It is good to know that from the moment of notification it is the bank that is responsible for unauthorized transactions in the amount above 150 euros. 

To sum up: be careful and aware of the dangers awaiting you and your money. First of all, try to avoid situations where the thief would have the chance to steal money from your bank account, and if this happens anyway, you need to know how to behave.

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