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“Becoming a chef has never been a choice, but it’s the best thing so far”


I was in grade 6 when things started to go wrong with my family. My father worked on a construction site and due to some problems he lost his job. Our world has changed. We have a joint family of over 17 members and at that time my grandparents stopped giving my dad money. No one in the family was ready to help and we were left on our own.

When I was in grade 8, I started working part time as a DJ in my hometown Insuli, located on the Maharashtra-Goa border, to make ends meet. . Being a DJ was my childhood dream and it was not difficult to acquire the skills in a short period of time. I started watching different YouTube channels and trained within a few months. I started to earn some money, but it wasn’t enough to pay my fees.

When I finished high school, the financial pressures started to increase. Unable to pay my tuition, I told my fate to the college administration and they decided to put me on an admissions management quota.

Although I wanted to pursue a career in DJing, my family never supported the idea. I decided to choose hotel management as a career. After taking out a loan from the bank, I enrolled in IHM Goa, which is considered a prestigious hotel management institute in the country. After completing my course I started working as a trainer and later as a chef at JW Marriott Sahar, Mumbai.

Slowly my life started to take hold with everyone. Jobs started pouring in continuously after I started posting my dishes and kitchens on Instagram.

One day, I received a message from a famous hotelier in Qatar, offering me a job. At first I thought it was a bogus job offer. But after asking my friends based there, it turned out to be true. While I was there I put my blood and sweat in my work. Sometimes I exceeded my working hours. Everyone, especially the locals, loved and enjoyed my signature dishes.

One day a customer came to our restaurant and praised the food I prepared. He turned out to be a family member of the King of Qatar. Later, I got a message on Instagram from him offering me a job at his restaurant. My happiness knew no bounds.

While I was working there as a supervisor, our executive supervisor left his position and I was eventually promoted to the top position. I have been officially declared the youngest executive chef in India and Qatar, respectively.

I reached new heights after receiving the title. I was interviewed by the New York News Agency. I was also nominated among the 500 most influential people in the world last year. The list features prominent personalities like AR Rahman, Sonu Nigam, Shruti Hassan, among others. I set my career goals well and never stopped working hard.

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