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Brendan Fraser Post goes viral after fan got hotel for very special request


A number of actors have had career resurgences of late, though the one that has arguably been the most fun to watch is that of Brendan Fraser. The veteran Hollywood star is truly thriving, and her fans are living for what’s been dubbed the Brenaissance. The love for Fraser really runs deep, as evidenced by the amount of love he’s received on the internet in recent months. Now one of her admirers has taken to social media to share how a hotel responded to her special Fraser-related request.

So apparently one person’s Brendan Fraser fandom is so serious that it’s affected how they book hotels. The user explained, in a post shared by Instagram now this thing, that each time he books a room, he makes a very specific request. What could you ask? Well, he’s asking for a photo, featuring Fraser as The Mummy‘s Rick O’Connell, be present in his room. And after years of asking, he was finally obliged by a Hilton DoubleTree hotel in Arizona. Check out the post – complete with photo – below:

I mean, this is a very committed service from the hotel chain, and it seems the employees were more than happy to do it. On Twitter, someone who appears to be the same guest posted the photo and the company responded in a delicious way:

  • We are delighted that our team was able to help you realize your dream 😉

It’s interesting that the fan specifically requested a photo of the actor dressed as O’Connell. Although I guess that makes sense, given how popular the action/adventure franchise is even today. Occasionally, the film and its featured Twitter trend, which drew sweet comments from fans of the film series. Same Daniel Radcliffe is a fan of The Mummy and the actor. You have to like an actor who has good cinematographic taste!

the Encino Man The star is a far cry from his years playing an explorer who battles resurrected Egyptian rulers, however. Today, DC fans know him fondly for his role as Cliff Steele/Robotman in Doom Patrol (which can be streamed with a HBO Max Subscription). He also picked up another live gig for the entertainment entity, as he is set to play the villainous Firefly in the bat girl film. Don’t worry though, while he’s playing an unsavory Batman thug, it was an absolute delight on the tray, where he also celebrated his birthday.

This is clearly Brendan Fraser’s world, and we all live in it. Let’s hope the positive vibes he’s been receiving don’t slow down anytime soon. And if you’re a huge fan of the man, you might want to try requesting your own photo of the star the next time you call for a room. You never know how things might turn out.

But of course, if you’re just content to indulge in his work, you can always check out the best brendan fraser movies and tv shows.