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Camas Boutique Hotel Hires New Resident Manager, Stephanie Curtis



Camas, WA – As the Camas Boutique Hotel continues to make changes under its new team of owners, they have hired Stephanie Curtis as the new Resident Manager of the historic site.

Curtis is from Best Western Tigard, where she started at the front desk, worked as a sales champion, was promoted to front desk manager, and then served as assistant general manager.

As Resident Manager of Camas Boutique Hotel, she lives at the hotel full time.

“That means I cover the reception most of the time,” Curtis said. “It means that if something happens overnight, I’ll be there to help them. I secure the property and make sure overnight guests are taken care of.

She uses her 5.5 years of experience in the hospitality industry to help promote the hotel and the region as well.

“I want people to know this is a unique property,” Curtis said. “I would consider it a landmark because it’s historic. Each room is different, each has a different decor. If you like something quaint or simple, this is the place for you. I also like that he has access to a lot of activities. You don’t even have to leave Camas town to do things – we have great restaurants, bars, shops, the cinema.

Hotel improvements

“We do full room inspections,” Curtis said. “We did a full inventory of what’s in the basement so we know what we have or what we need. We replaced the light fixtures and the shower curtains. We continue to replace mattresses. We can do some type of themed room. They bought all new linens. In public spaces, we are making improvements while maintaining the historic style. We are making it a more modernized boutique hotel.

The hotel’s new breakfast partnership with Natalia’s Cafe is also going well.

“We hear nothing but good things from our guests about Natalia’s,” Curtis said.

Bouncing back from the pandemic

On weekends, the hotel is full. By midweek, they are typically at 70 percent of their capacity or better.

“People come out of their shells a little more, to enjoy the property, to enjoy the city,” she added.

“In hospitality you meet so many different people. No day is the same. You are basically doing something different every day. We are there to welcome guests who sometimes are unfamiliar with this area, or maybe they are in town for a funeral. We want them to have a positive experience. I love this little place.

To book a room, visit www.camasboutiquehotel.com



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