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City of Dreams Hotels Win Asean Green Hotel Award 2022


City of Dreams Manila’s three Forbes-listed hotels – Nüwa Manila, Nobu Hotel and Hyatt Regency Manila – won the 2022 Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Green Hotel Award at the recent Asia Tourism Forum. ‘Asean held in Cambodia.

An ASEAN Tourism Standards Awards ceremony that began in 2008 under the auspices of national tourism organizations in the region, the Asean Green Hotel Award honors those in the hospitality industry whose operations are based on achieving a sustainable tourism through eco-friendly principles, resource consumption reduction and local community involvement.

In recognizing the ASEAN Tourism Awards given to hotels and other tourism stakeholders in the Philippines, Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo Puyat said the recognition of Philippine hotels and cities reflects the industry’s commitment to maintain the highest standards of tourism despite the pandemic. .

Nobu Hotel

Hyatt Regency Manila

Hyatt Regency Manila

Nuwa Manila

Nuwa Manila

“It is an honor for our commitment to the highest standards of sustainable operations and CSR initiatives that our three hotels are recognized with this prestigious award. Practicing sustainable tourism even in these unprecedented times echoes the vision ‘Above and Beyond’ from our parent company, Melco Resorts and Entertainment (Melco) on our long-term sustainability strategy,” said Geoff Andres, President of City of Dreams Manila Property.

“We will continue to be a force for good not only within the Philippines and the regional tourism industry, but also for the planet and the people, as advocated by the Asean Tourism Awards,” he added.

The hotels, located in City of Dreams Manila, undertake various environmental and CSR projects aimed at contributing to a more sustainable future and improving the communities they serve.

The luxury integrated resort’s many green initiatives focus on renewable energy and other energy efficiency initiatives, being the first integrated resort in the country to install solar panels. Water conservation projects, including reusing treated gray water, reducing plastic waste with the replacement of single-use plastic bottles in hotel rooms with convenient, reusable and refillable pump bottles, and sustainable sourcing in its supply chain, are among the many sustainable initiatives that contribute to its goal of being a carbon-neutral, zero-waste resort by 2030. A strong spirit of volunteerism fuels the resort’s staff. hotel as well as other colleagues, in various CSR, environment, health and education programs

Recipients of the Asean Green Hotel Award are recognized for their adherence to the Asean Green Hotel Standard, a certification process that aims to meet a set of 11 criteria that promote sustainable tourism practices, which hotel businesses “should aspire to achieve to protect and maintain the natural and natural resources of Asean”. cultural resources while ensuring that tourism realizes its potential as a tool for conservation and poverty reduction”.

The criteria consist of: environmental policy and action for hotel operations; use of green products; collaboration with the community and local organizations; human resource development; solid waste management; energetic efficiency; water efficiency; air quality management (indoor and outdoor); noise pollution control; wastewater treatment and management; and managing the disposal of toxic and chemical substances.