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Commtech Asia and your hotel … the connection?


Welcome to 2022! In this brand new year, how important is it to hire a commissioning management expert to meet the commissioning requirements of your hotel project?

In today’s built environments, technological solutions are accelerating at an exponential rate and the demand for commissioning specialist construction services has never been greater. Commtech Asia has come a long way to establish itself as the market leader in providing specialist services to the construction industry, including commissioning, reverse commissioning and commissioning management. environmental.

Commissioning management, to put it simply, is a quality assurance process that improves the delivery of new construction, renovation or fit-out projects. It ensures that building service systems function and integrate optimally to meet defined goals and owner requirements.

Since the start of its operations in Asia in 1992, the role of Commtech Asia has emerged and evolved more than ever. The focus has been and always will be on creating built environments to create productive buildings and places that allow people and businesses to realize their full potential. High performance, energy efficient and improved facilities that deliver return on investment are the result of our collaboration.

Our expertise and experience in commissioning management is not just aimed at the hospitality industry. Data centers, integrated casinos and resorts, commercial offices, government and schools, major developments as well as retail stores are our main sectors and as we move forward into this all new year we continue to explore more sectors and industries to develop and grow.

Our independent approach ensures that your hotel construction project will receive an impartial and conflict-of-interest report to ensure life safety, compliance and quality as well as sustainability. Nothing beats a safe, sustainable and compliant hotel establishment for all of your guests, developers and owners.

We are Commtech Asia.

We are an expert in Commissioning Management.

We ensure the value of our service delivery to each of our clients.

We have considerable experience in carrying out large scale large-scale projects all over Asia.

We are Commtech Asia. Prospective thinking .. from all angles.