Credit House again among the Best Employers

Once again, the Good Finance Credit House was among the winners of the 9th edition of the Best Employer 2014 Research (BNP) prepared by Hewitt. The company repeated the results of last year and again took the fifth place in the category of large enterprises.

For the fourth time we have undergone a study conducted by Hewitt – in 2011 we took third place, in 2012 the first in the category of large companies in Poland, while in 2013 we were ranked fifth ex exuo with Liberty Direct.

Companies took part in the survey

And better than us turned out to be such recognized brands and employers as Nutricia Polska Sp. z o. o., Grupa Pracuj, Liberty Insurance and LINK4 insurance company.

The fact of being in this honorable group is a great distinction for us and a sign that we are constantly maintaining a high level of commitment * in the company.

* Employee involved in the Good Hewitt study:

  • speaks positively about the company among colleagues, clients, friends,
  • intends to tie his future with this company,
  • He is ready to make additional efforts for the company.

Aim of the survey Best Employer

Aim of the survey Best Employer

Enabling the construction of an engaging work environment and, as a result, improving business results are the main objectives of the Best Employers Program (PNP), whose main element is the Best Employers Research (BNP).

In addition, the program supports building the image of the employer and the company’s brand. This year’s commitment rate for the Best Employers was at 77%, thus maintaining the highest result on the Polish market so far.

Among all the organizations surveyed

Among all the organizations surveyed

The indicator stood at 50% and is by 1 point. percent. lower than last year’s index.

It is worth noting, however, that for the second year in a row, half of Polish companies manage to create a motivating work environment for their employees, while in previous years the results oscillated below 50% (within 44-48%).

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