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Damp room, dirty towels: Woman complains about ‘worst hotel’ she’s had in Orchard, Singapore


Staying in a hotel along Orchard Road for a ‘reasonable price’ may seem like a pretty good deal, but not for a woman who may have gotten more than she bargained for.

A TikTok user, who went by the name Rachel Tristan, posted a video documenting her stay at what she described as the “worst” hotel last Sunday (July 31).

Tristan explained in the video that she chose the hotel in question because it was “pretty affordable” for the location and had “pretty decent” reviews.

Although Tristan concealed the name of the hotel, netizens quickly identified it as the [email protected] Hotel, a hotel along Cavenagh Road.


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A few days before arriving in Singapore, Tristan said he checked the hotel listings online again and realized some guests had left negative reviews, saying their room “smelled weird” and “the pillows are a disaster.”

Almost as a foreshadowing, another guest said it was the “worst hotel stay [he’s] never had in [his] life”.

“At that time, we thought it was pretty dramatic, and it can’t be that bad, right?” said Tristan, an Indonesian currently based in Taiwan.

Tristan’s nightmare began almost immediately as she claimed to have been greeted by “the most unfriendly staff” who told her that one of the two rooms she had booked was not ready.

“When we entered the room, [it] smelled damp, like wet, damp and a little sour,” she recalled.

Attributing the smell to Singapore’s humid climate, she thought the problem would be solved if she turned on the air conditioner in the room.

However, when she returned to the room that evening, she said the floor had flooded due to the leaking air conditioner.

Even though the hotel offered to change the first room, the towels and curtains in the replacement room were “misplaced” – a clear sign that the room had not been tidied, she claimed.

When she told the front desk that the room “reeked of smoke”, she said the hotel had sent a member of staff to spray the room to get rid of the smell.

“I told him it wouldn’t work, and he even agreed with me after he smelled the room.”

The woman also showed photos of strands of hair she found on hotel sheets and towels.

“Do not stay at this hotel, do not book it.”

An audit by AsiaOne showed that the Chancellor Hotel had received the National Environment Agency’s clean SG certification, dated January this year.

Some netizens said the woman got what she paid for, considering the price she paid.

“Orchard is supposed to be a prime area and nothing is supposed to be cheap there,” one netizen said.


According to Booking.com, a double room at the Chancellor Hotel costs around $187 per night.

Making a disclaimer in the comments, the woman clarified that she did not expect five-star service, but at least a “room cleaned and prepared for the stay”.

When contacted, a spokesperson for the Chancellor Hotel told AsiaOne that they “accept full responsibility for the lack of service” and were in the process of trying to identify and contact the guest to ensure the resumption of service.

They said they hoped the guest could contact management directly.

The spokesperson told AsiaOne that the entire hospitality industry is facing an acute and severe shortage of labor across all departments.

“The difficulty of getting maintenance staff in the first place is further exacerbated by registered staff suddenly falling ill,” the spokesperson added.

“We will continue to train our housekeeping staff to meet the required standards of cleanliness.”

The hotel said it was resolving the air conditioning issue with its service contractor, adding that it was “equally shocked” by the water leaking from the air conditioning vent after the service.

In June, two Malaysian tourists had their holidays ruined when they were bitten by bed bugs in their hotel room in Singapore.

Phia Boo posted a message on Facebook showing the red welts that appeared on their bodies after their first night at ST Signature in Jalan Besar.

Even though the hotel offered them an upgraded room for their second night, there were still bedbugs on the linens in the new room.

Upon returning to Johor Bahru, the couple had to immediately go to a laundromat to wash their clothes and backpacks.

Boo’s friend also had to see a doctor for her rashes.

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