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Demolition of the hotel of the principal accused of a false sale of alcohol


Mortaka (Khandwa district): A police and local administration team demolished a hotel owned by Kalka Prasad Jailwal, the main accused in the falsified alcohol case.

Adulterated alcohol recently claimed the lives of two people. Chaos reigned where the hotel is located, as female members of the Jaiswals protested against the demolition of the hotel.

All the women were lying in front of the JCB machine brought in to raze the hotel. The police officers present on the spot chased the crowd to ensure the demolition of the building.

Administration officials told Free Press that the hotel was built on government land against standards.

On July 30, Khargone police arrested Kalka Prasad, a resident village of Morghadi reporting to Mandhata police station in Khandwa district.

Apart from him, police arrested Gourav, 27, and Rohit Prajapati, 24, from the Sanawad area in Khargone district.

Police department officials said they discovered a huge cache of raw materials, equipment and chemicals that were used to make fake liquor.

A team, made up of police officials led by sub-division magistrate Chandra Singh Solanki, sub-division (police) officer Rakesh Pendra, tehsildar Udai Mandloi and a large number of police officers carried out the demolition. Five JCBs have been put into service.

Meanwhile, locals said the spot where he ran a liquor manufacturing unit is barely 200 meters from Mortaka police outpost.

Locals claimed Jaiswal bought 104 acres to make liquor.

The defendants had networks in Dhar, Mandsaur, Indore, Khandwa, Khargone and Burhanpur, police said.


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