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Disney Resort hotel room infested with bugs


Finding bugs in your hotel room is a nightmare that unfortunately came true this week for guests at Walt Disney World Resort.

Credit: Joshua Keller / Streaming the Magic

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Streaming the Magic shared a post by Joshua Keller, who checked into Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort after a 7-night cruise on Disney Fantasy. Keller wrote that 20-30 bugs were crawling around the room while recording. Initially, the front desk told Keller they would move his room, but later backtracked and said they would send a cleaner:

Having honeymooned at Disney for the past 2 weeks (I stayed at all star sports for 5 nights and a 7 night fantasy cruise) to be treated this way is brutal. As I actively type this, more and more bugs are continually crawling out of the vents and under the doors! I understand it’s that time of year, but they shouldn’t be in a “cleaned” room.

Insects on the floor.
Credit: Joshua Keller / Streaming the Magic

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When the Cast Member in charge of housekeeping arrived, she helped the guests get a new room at the front desk. She completely reversed the experience for this family:

She was amazing and personally checked the room herself to make sure it was well maintained and provided us with a free meal voucher. She is very valuable to this resort and the only reason our stay was improved and made acceptable!

Insects on the floor.
Credit: Joshua Keller / Streaming the Magic

It is important to note that these insects appear to be lovebugs, which are not dangerous to humans and do not infest fabrics/bedding. While no one wants love bugs in their Disney hotel room, they are native to Florida and cause no harm.

Insects on the floor under the dining table.
Credit: Joshua Keller / Streaming the Magic

Learn more about Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

Disney's All-Star Movie's Resort
Credit: Disney

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Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort is a partner hotel of Disney’s All-Star Music and All-Star Sports Resorts. Although this is a Value Resort hotel, it has recently been refurbished with a more modern and stylish look! Of disney:

Imagine sharing the spotlight with some of your favorite Disney friends as you lead your own all-star adventure. Stay at a Disney Resort hotel that pays homage to Disney movie legends, from the dotted puppies of 101 Dalmatians to the playful toys of Andy’s Room, with whimsical larger-than-life decor.

Have you ever found bugs in your hotel room at Walt Disney World Resort?

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