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Excuse me, I need to speak to the Chief Happiness Officer – The New Indian Express


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A hotel in Bangalore made headlines when it adopted an abandoned Saint Bernard and named him Chief Happiness Officer. The pet-friendly LaLiT Ashok Bangalore, who rescued the injured dog and treated him, named him Burney. The four-legged mascot sporting an ID card is now a favorite of staff and guests alike.

This heartwarming story is one of many examples of how the hospitality industry welcomes pooches and goes the extra mile to encourage pet parents to take a break from their four-legged wards. With dogs now a part of the lives of millennial families, it has become imperative for hotels to encourage fur babies.

Take for example Reteam Sen who traveled with his pet Cloey, a Maltese dog, from Delhi to Dehradun after the Hyatt Regency opened its first outpost in Uttarakhand. Sen says, “With ample walking and playing space, a pet bed, and a special pet menu in the room, it was easy and comfortable for Cloey and for us.” Much like Sen, many pet owners find themselves in a tough spot when planning vacations. More often than not, it is difficult for them to find a safe, comfortable and welcoming place for their pets. Man’s best friends have to thank for the silver lining of the pandemic-fractured hospitality industry that has made pet-friendly destinations a growing segment of the hospitality industry. Establishments across the country have educated staff about welcoming their guests’ pets.

According to Harkaran Singh, General Manager of Hyatt Regency Dehradun, “We call ourselves a party and leisure hotel. We want to ensure that our holidaymakers enjoy full free time and a relaxing stay. We have observed that there are more and more pet parents and lovers who feel limited when planning a vacation because there are not many pet-friendly accommodations available.

At his hotel, pets get free treats and toys. There is also a specially prepared menu which includes rice, chicken, eggs and vegetables. Like Burney, the Hyatt Regency Dehradun also has a pet, which paved the way for pet-friendly accommodation. Singh likes to tell the story: “When I first came to the site during the pre-opening phase, I was greeted at the main gate by a dog who we later adopted and named Lucy. She became so familiar with the property that she often accompanied me on my tours. She is one of the reasons we became a pet friendly property.

However, for animal lovers who hate leaving the city but still need a break, The Connaught, New Delhi – IHCL SeleQtions ‘Pawcation’ package offers the solution. With a dedicated pet wing, the package includes a pet bed, food bowl, and chewing gum that are ready in the room. The hotel prides itself on a well-educated staff who can interact with animals and their owners, understand their body language, and respond to all questions and concerns. Sonali Chauhan, Managing Director of The Connaught, New Delhi – IHCL SeleQtions, says, “We have specially curated dining options and experiences for pets so that they too enjoy the same standards of hospitality as you. The hotel’s multi-cuisine restaurant, The Hub, offers a chef-curated pet menu.

Krish Khatri, whose first visit was to the Connaught, insists he is looking forward to some quality time with his pet on holiday. He says, “We are looking for certified pet-aware staff who provide a warm and caring experience for our pets.” Describing his experience at the hotel as
gorgeous, Khatri recalls, “The room had pet-friendly amenities and large open spaces for pets. What we loved was their veterinarian-curated in-room pet menu.

Speaking of open spaces, some pet owners prefer secluded, green spaces to relax with their dogs and cats. This is where the Tree of Life Resorts pet-friendly boutique chain fits in well. Pawsome vacations at their properties are tailor-made for pets. Amenities include a dog mini-bar with special treats and snacks, a special dog area with a cozy bed and a food bowl. There is also a range of pet grooming products to keep them fresh and tidy. With more Chief Happiness Officers like Burney and more pawcations across the country, the nation’s happiness quotient may well rise.