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Falcon’s Resort by Melia guests will have exclusive access to Kathmandu Punta Cana Park


Falcon’s Beyond, a global entertainment development company based in Orlando, Florida, has revealed new details about its highly anticipated new theme park, Katmandu Park | Punta Cana, which is scheduled to open in the Dominican Republic early next year.

The world-class park will be part of a $350 million entertainment destination known as Falcon’s Beyond Destination Punta Cana. Jointly developed with renowned hospitality giant Melia Hotels International, the destination will offer three distinct guest experiences, including the aforementioned theme park, an all-suite resort and a retail, dining and entertainment district. .


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Kathmandu Park | Punta Cana, which will feature state-of-the-art rides and attractions immersing visitors in the company’s original proprietary franchise, The Hidden Realms of Kathmandu, will be open exclusively to guests of the destination resort, Falcon’s Resort by Melia l All Suites Punta Cana for a limited time.

The resort is scheduled to open in December 2022 but is already accepting reservations.

“Kathmandu Park | Punta Cana will deliver an unparalleled theme park experience based on popular characters from our own Kathmandu fantasy universe,” Falcon’s Beyond CEO Cecil D. Magpuri said in a statement.

“Through innovative rides and attractions that offer unparalleled and immersive storytelling, guests will truly get lost in the hidden realms of Kathmandu. Combined with other day and night entertainment, dining and shopping, Kathmandu Park will provide a great for families and theme park enthusiasts in Punta Cana’s premier resort.”

Highlight attractions will include a first-ever theatrical attraction suspended from Voyage of the Fathom Wanderera reimagining of traditional 4D interactive theater by Mad Mage Challengea 4D Dark Ride attraction at Legend of the Desirata and an interactive attraction making its world debut in EtherQuest.

Immersive attractions await at Katmandu Park |  Punta Cana
Immersive attractions await at Katmandu Park | Punta Cana. (photo courtesy of Falcons Beyond Global)

Guests, who will receive a smart wristband containing their park passes and allowing cashless payments, will also be able to participate in a 36-hole mini-golf course; Summit Adventurean outdoor ropes course experience; The Quadagonoffering four unique indoor climbing courses for adults and children; Wheel of Infinite Wondersa Kathmandu-themed carousel with custom figurines inspired by creatures and characters from the Hidden Kingdoms.

The park will also house themed food and drink venues, carnival-style games, retail stores and an arcade.

Travelers to this unique destination in Punta Cana can also look forward to Falcon’s Central Punta Cana, a retail, dining and entertainment district currently under development. Highlights here will include entertainment venues, experiences, amenities, content, restaurants, stores and retail organized by location.

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