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Father slams a “rancid” hotel room like a “thick carpet with pubic hair and body fluids in the sink”



Kevin Jordan, who works in health and safety, called the Meon Valley Hotel in Sheddington “an absolute disaster”, saying his family’s room was poorly maintained

A trash can in the toilet would have overflowed during the family’s stay

A health and safety professional criticized a hotel he called an “absolute disaster” after claiming to find thick carpet with public hair and bodily fluids in the sink.

Kevin Jordan went to stay at the Meon Valley Hotel in Shedfield with his wife and son, but ended up leaving early due to the poor conditions he claims to have found there.

A urine encrusted bathroom floor, trash cans full of tissues and chocolate on the floor were among the annoyances the 42-year-old says he discovered during his brief stay.

He was also concerned about what he believed to be drug paraphernalia in a cabinet drawer, although the nature of the items has not been confirmed.

The family say they spent a particularly miserable night at the Southampton hotel, lying on their beds, fully clothed, listening to the sound of someone in seemingly violent streams of passion for five hours.

Kevin said the hallway was full of laundry


Kevin Jordan)

Their bedroom light has seen better days


Kevin Jordan)

Following the early departure, the Kevin is now requesting a refund.

“After a really painful stressful lockdown, it was one hell of a vacation,” Kevin told the Mirror. “It was rancid. I don’t want anyone else to go through this.”

Kevin and his wife had decided to take their nine-year-old son to the Goodwood Festival as a treat in July after months of confinement.

They chose to stay at the 4 star Meon Valley because it “looked great on the website”, and paid £ 342 for the pleasure.

Some chocolate Kevin says he found left on the floor


Kevin Jordan)

After receiving vouchers for free drinks upon arrival because their room was not ready, the family went upstairs a little later.

The room that greeted them was far from ideal, says Kevin.

“There were bodily fluids that looked like thick saliva in the sink, as well as two swaying blueberries,” he says.

“There were hairs on the floor and the bathroom, the tub was stained orange, there were cornflakes on the floor from the previous guest, dust absolutely everywhere.

“That was back when the Covid measures were still in place. It didn’t feel safe or clean.”

Kevin says they went down to the front desk and asked for the room to be cleaned while they waited at the bar.

But when they got back up, the family discovered the sink was full of water, Kevin claims, adding that a receptionist said this was due to blocked drains.

After Kevin asks to be moved to another room, they’ve headed to their new home for the next three days, and he claims to have spent some old take-out and used laundry piled on the floor.

Kevin says he was not impressed with the quality of housekeeping


Kevin Jordan)

The new room was no better than the first, the family said.

“The carpet was thick with pubic hair and there was a half-eaten chocolate orange and used tissues on the floor,” Kevin said.

“I opened the desk drawer to find a piece of cardboard rolled up with white powder residue as if someone had taken drugs.

“It was absolutely smelly. We slept on the bed in our clothes. The floor was scabbed and sticky with urine.

“There were handkerchiefs stacked in the trash cans. It looked like a woman was being killed in the next room. They worked there for five hours. How can I explain this to my nine year old son?

The family moved to the Meon Valley hotel



After many unsuccessful arguments with the hotel management, Kevin emailed the council’s environmental health team about the condition of the hotel and then left early.

Kevin added: “It’s just an absolute disaster.”

But the local authority said its random checks of the property found the hotel to be in “good shape”.

A spokesperson for Winchester City Council said: “Winchester City Council officers are aware of Mr Jordan’s complaint and responded by visiting the hotel and engaging with management.

“The hospitality star rating system assesses a wider range of considerations against defined criteria, including housekeeping, decor and service standards.

“The council’s environmental health team focuses its inspections on fundamental issues of food safety and health and safety.

“During their visit, our agents carried out a random inspection of certain parts which were found to be clean and in good condition.

“The hotel has acknowledged having encountered recent staffing issues and is seeking to resolve this issue to ensure housekeeping standards are maintained as intended.”

Meon Valley owners have been contacted for comment.

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