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Here are some unique concierge services offered by hotels



Here are some unique concierge services you probably didn’t know existed!

The best part of the trip is that it not only provides a pleasant change of scenery, but also makes us feel like we are on our own adventure. Each travelogue has its own unique set of ebbs and flows, and that’s what makes it so unique. But wouldn’t it be better to have reliable help with the strenuous and monotonous tasks during your trip? Wouldn’t your trip be more enjoyable without worrying about transportation and other unexpected issues?

Enter the concierge services provided by hotels. A concierge ensures that the client’s needs are met. In addition to providing basic services such as arranging for transportation, suggesting places to visit, and ensuring guest safety, some concierge services are dedicated to providing assistance in many unique areas.

Here are some amazing concierge services offered by hotels around the world.

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The primary responsibility of a vinyl janitor is to whip up the perfect treat for your ears – creating a personal playlist or selecting records to suit your tastes and interests. They will also book concert tickets for you and organize a record collection while overseeing concert preparations and arranging for movie screenings at the hotel. In short, this type of concierge knows how to design the perfect refuge for music lovers and devotes his services to making your stay a melodious affair.

Sneakers concierge

Confused about how to get the dreamy pair of sneakers that will complement your outfit? Do not worry. A sneaker janitor will help you solve this dilemma. This unique concierge service is guaranteed to get your hands on any pair of sneakers, whether conventional or exclusive. They have a strong network of sneaker dealers, stores and co-branded boutiques to ensure your favorite pair of shoes reaches your doorstep without delay.

Wine concierge

This concierge not only explains the different types of wines that guests can choose from, but also schedules wine tours and tasting sessions, recommends restaurants, spas, and other wineries to visit. They actively interact with visitors to assess their preferences and provide services to personalize their experience. This type of concierge service will come in handy, especially when your travel itinerary includes stops at wineries and you want to learn more about this drink. They can also help you mark exclusive and well-aged wine bottles.

Concierge of proposals

Want to sweep the love of your life off their feet? Hire a proposal concierge service to help you. This concierge will do everything possible to create a tailor-made proposal that will remain etched in your memory and that of your partner for years to come. The theme and the setting will be chosen taking into account your personalities. From organizing your partner’s outfit to finding the perfect location and uploading real-time photos to your social media accounts, you can count on this one-stop concierge service to make your day super special.

Soap concierge

A soap concierge service is a fairly new concept. What is this janitor’s job, you ask? If you hire a soap concierge, they will bring you the local and best quality soaps from which you can choose your favorite. Different colors and scents will be offered as an option. Once you’ve picked the ones you like, the concierge will make sure you leave with the amount you wanted.

Paranormal Concierge

Intrigued by horror movies? If your answer is yes, this is one of those unique concierge services that is sure to blow your mind. Some of the responsibilities of a paranormal janitor include guiding guests through haunted properties, planning ghost tours, and hosting sessions where, apparently, communication with the dead is established.


Constellation Concierge

Constellation Concierge

Stargazing enthusiasts, there you have it, a constellation concierge is there to make your nights even more beautiful. Armed with his team of experts and advanced gadgets, a constellation concierge takes you on a tour and ensures that you never miss sighting the major constellations and planets. Their responsibility: to make the night sky memorable for you.

Concierge in operation

Why neglect your health on vacation or on a business trip? A run concierge is there to make sure you don’t fall back on your fitness routine. They plot routes around the hotel property and take guests for a long run on the designated route.

Apothecary concierge

It is one of those concierge services that redefines luxury and gives you access to a relaxing environment. An apothecary concierge prepares personalized blends of beauty and spa products for guest use. They also provide consultations, after which you can choose ingredients from the apothecary and include them in your personal wellness regimen.

Adventure concierge

If you want to experience an adrenaline rush, choose to hire an adventure concierge who will guide you through it all. Whether it’s preparing you for adventure activities like skiing, biking, hiking or recommending the best spots for your chosen activity, they take care of all the hassle that comes along. present along the way. An adventure concierge also takes care of your well-being and your safety during these adventures.



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