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“High quality products and good sales in the hotel and catering industry”


After a somewhat delayed start to the season due to cooler circumstances, the good weather and rising temperatures in recent weeks have resulted in a high-quality asparagus harvest in South Tyrol, with sufficient quantities. Twelve asparagus growers from Terlan cultivate high-quality asparagus on ten hectares of cultivated land.

“The vegetable grows particularly well on the sandy, humus-rich soils of the lower Etsch valley. The mild climate also helps Margarete asparagus with the South Tyrol seal of approval to develop a characteristic delicate flavor,” Manfred Koroschetz, coordinator of Terlan Margarete Asparagus and representative of asparagus growers, told South Tyrol News.

Fresh asparagus from the Terlan region / Image: Asparagus from Terlan.

Like every year, the asparagus from Terlan and the surrounding area, which bears the South Tyrolean quality seal, are harvested by hand every day, after which they are delivered to the cold storage within two hours. “So far we have had a good season with high quality products and good sales in hotels and restaurants, but also in our stocked stores. In addition to all this, IDM Südtirol supports us in all communications. South Tyrolean free-range eggs with the South Tyrolean quality mark are among our partners,” adds Manfred Koroschetz.

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