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Hotel Anand controversy: door padlocked by government authorities broken in three hours – myRepublica


KATHMANDU, April 9: The Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT) has padlocked the Ananda Hotel of Nepal-India Friendship Dharamsala managed by Batas Group.

The PADT had locked the door to the Dharamsala after the Batas group failed to open the hotel door on Friday. Hotel staff and guests were trapped inside the hotel when fund officials locked the door. PADT employees had claimed that their agreement with the hotel had been canceled and that the information had been made public by the national media and that they should be allowed to monitor their property. However, the hotel management insisted on opening the hotel only in accordance with the law as there was an interim court order not to do anything that would affect the business.

Although PADT officials said they did not come to lock the doors but came to view the Trust property, hotel staff did not open the door indicating that PADT officials did not had no right to lock this. The Trust then locked the outside of the gate and deployed armed police and security personnel. After the officials left, the hotel management tried to open the lock, which caused a clash.

The lock on the door was broken three hours after the Kathmandu District Court heard the motion for writ filed by the hotel management against the Trust and issued an interim order under Article 156 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 2074, stating that no action should be taken. to unlawfully affect the plaintiff’s business. The court also ordered the PADT to submit a written response within 15 days explaining why the agreement with the Anand Hotel was cancelled.

After PADT canceled the agreement with Ananda Hotel, Batas Group filed a writ petition in the Patan High Court seeking an injunction against the decision to terminate the trust agreement. The court called for a discussion of the writ on April 10. Earlier, a discussion took place on Sunday after the Batas group asked the court to change the judge.

According to PADT, the agreement was canceled because Hotel Ananda Pvt Ltd failed to comply with the terms of the agreement concluded between PADT and Hotel Ananda. The Batas group refused to receive the letter sent by the PADT canceling the agreement and also did not respond to a letter sent to the group’s official email as instructed by the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Prem Bahadur Ale.

Batas Group claimed that the hotel side would lose 250 million rupees if the deal was cancelled. An agreement was reached with Ananda Hotel and PADT to operate the hotel on May 13, 2019.