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Hotel forced to call police as ‘aggressive’ man attacks staff and guests


A hotel in York had to call the police after an angry customer became ‘aggressive’ towards staff after the hotel had to be evacuated for several hours.

The Novotel in Fishergate was evacuated for nearly three hours on Good Friday due to a chlorine leak, forcing all guests to vacate the premises.

According to a hotel spokesperson, water, shoes and toilets were made available to guests during the emergency, but for one guest it was not enough.

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Upon returning to the hotel, a man confronted hotel staff and was aggressive towards another guest, it has been claimed.

A hotel spokesperson told Yorkshire Live: “He was upset and conflicted with the hotel team. Once that happened, the team tried to move the conversation to a private room so they could calm him down and talk more easily.

“He refused and was upset and aggressive in the public space. This aggression then turned to another guest.

“At this point he was warned by the hotel team that if he did not calm down they should call the police for the safety of guests and staff. This was done and the police asked him to leave.”

The spokesperson added that the guest’s stay had been refunded.

Emergency services were called to the hotel in Fishergate shortly before 3.30pm on April 15.

Permission to return to the hotel was granted around 6:20 p.m., according to Novotel.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust attended and two people were taken to hospital with breathing difficulties.