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Hotel Indigo in Old Town seeks to open private garage for waterfront visitors | ALX now

Indigo hotel garage, via Google Maps

The Indigo Hotel (220 S Union Street) hopes to turn its 69 parking spaces into a mutually beneficial arrangement for visitors to the Old Town.

Developer Carr Properties said it gave the required total of 69 parking spaces, but hasn’t gotten the expected usage since the hotel opened. The developer said he hoped to change his permit to allow some of these spaces currently only usable by hotel visitors to be used by tourists and other visitors to the Old Town.

“Since the hotel became operational several years ago, the 69-space car park has not been used as intended during the initial DSUP process,” the applicant said in a special development use permit application. (DSUP) to the city. In addition, since the initial approval of the DSUP, the Parking Ordinance has been amended to allow a minimum of 0.2 spaces per hotel room for areas within an improved transit area (applies to the property).”

Carr Properties hopes to align Hotel Indigo with current hotel requirements.

“Because the existing garage is underutilized and less hotel parking is now required, the applicant is seeking to amend the DSUP approval (which included a parking reduction SUP) to allow 0.2 space per hotel room instead of 0.58 spaces per room as originally approved. “, said the developer.” For 120 hotel rooms, this rate would allow 24 places for customers (and employees) of hotels and restaurants; with 3 disabled places to stay; and 42 spaces for third party use.

The garage would retain its current valet service, but would add optional self-parking for non-hotel visitors. Public access could also be closed if the hotel reaches higher occupancy levels.

The change is recorded for transmission to the Planning Commission on September 9. The applicant said changing the 69 spaces could be to the shared satisfaction of the hotel and beachfront visitors.

“This tailor-made management will allow the best use of parking spaces by hotel guests and waterfront visitors,” said the applicant. “Ultimately, the Applicant predicts that managing parking in this way will fill an unmet parking demand that will increase during the warmer months, as Alexandria’s waterfront continues to attract residents and tourists.

Via Google Maps

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