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How I kidnapped a 9 year old boy from his school and got his father’s N1.5 ransom – Kidnap – The Sun Nigeria


From Molly Kilète, Abuja

wonders they say will never end. How would you describe a situation where a foreigner enters a private school with all the security in place, chooses a child who is not his without being arrested by the school authorities.

This is the case of Abdukraheem Kamarudeen, a 24-year-old craftsman, who walked around a private elementary school, located in New Karu, Nassarawa state, and abducted a nine-year-old boy (names withheld ).

The little boy, who lives on the same street as Kamarudeen, had no idea he was going to be kidnapped on that fateful day of December 15, when his school, Hope of Destiny, was closed. So, he left with this stranger son of the devil with excitement after lying to him that his parents had asked him to come and get him to start computer lessons.

Excited, the little boy followed him happily, only to take him to a hotel room also in New Karu. While in the hotel room he took out his laptop as promised and started computer lessons to get the boys’ attention and he did and the boy got carried away in the room. ‘excitation. The computer class lasted until about 6 p.m. when he took the boy out and bought him noodles and eggs and brought him back to the room after the meal.

Moreover, at the hotel where they were staying, the hotel management did not bother to ask who the child was for him.

After babysitting the child for more than eight hours, he called his father to ask him to pay a ransom of 1.5 million naira to release his son and the father who did not want him to come to harm. her little boy agreed to pay the huge amount.

He also forced the son to speak to his father who assured him that he would come to pick him up shortly without knowing that he had been kidnapped.

Kamarudeen, then described a place where the money should be deposited with a warning that he must come alone or blame himself. Within minutes of collecting the ransom, he freed the boy from captivity and embarked on a spending spree. He first bought two cell phones, clothes and some household items for his wife and children.

But unbeknownst to him, the case was reported to police and Intelligence Response Team (IRT) personnel deployed to track down and arrest the suspect.

He was finally arrested three days after which he had spent over N200,000.

Originally from Osun State, the suspect who claims this is the first time he’s been kidnapped recounted how he nurtured the idea of ​​the Sunday Sun and ultimately implemented his evil plan, though he said he treated the boy he described as very intelligent. Listen to it:

“My name is Abdulraheem Kamarudeen, I am from Oyo State. I’m 24 years old. I attended Abubakar Ali Tatari Polytechnic in Bauchi State. I studied mathematics and statistics.

“I work as a phone and laptop repairer.

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I took to kidnapping out of greed and to make money. This is actually my first kidnapping attempt because I’ve never done it before. I targeted this boy in particular because his parents have the money and the school he attends is not too far from us. The name of the school is Hope of Destiny.

How I got into school

It was their vacation day so I took advantage of the crowds to access it. It was December 15th. I walked into the school grounds, have now met him and told him that I wanted to teach him to learn computers. I don’t really know what the weather is like and I didn’t take permission from the teachers or a staff member because it was their vacation day, everyone was busy running back and forth. wide and no one noticed my presence, everyone was just on theirs. So after explaining that I wanted to teach him computer science, he showed interest and agreed that he wanted to learn. As I picked him in school I took him to the hotel in our area where I had booked and when we got there I started teaching him so he didn’t start not to say he wants to go home. I paid 2,500 N per night. I really took my time teaching him because from the afternoon I picked him up, I started teaching him until the night before the system kicked in. I taught him a lot of things he was supposed to know about computers. And when they took the light, the people at the hotel turned on the generator and I have now loaded the system. As i load the system i now said he should practice and let me see and he practiced everything i taught him and did really well i was shocked and he got me said he was done with this aspect of training we should continue on another area in which we should proceed. As he told me we should continue, I said let’s sleep. We watched movies for a while and I bought him suya, fried yam, eggs and juice and slept.

The people at the hotel didn’t suspect a thing about me and the boy, and no one asked who the boy was for me.

In the morning I asked him what he would eat for breakfast and he told me that he was not ready to eat and he went to take his bath and I continued with the computer lessons and I taught him more as I promised him. Afterwards sometimes we went to see a guy who cooks noodles and tea. He made noodles, eggs, and tea for the boy, while I had bread, eggs, and tea. No one suspected that I had kidnapped the boy because he was not wearing his school uniform. Like I told you, it was their vacation day and so all the kids came in their different clothes. So he still wore the native. After eating, we have now returned to the hotel room. When we got to the room he started asking about his parents and at that point I called his dad and gave him the phone to talk to his dad and he talked to his dad and he told him he would come see him soon and he was relaxed as we continued the computer class.

But the whole time I took him hostage and released him the boy never knew I kidnapped him, he thought his parents asked me to teach him computer skills. as I made him believe. I didn’t beat or mistreat him in any way, I just focused on teaching him computer skills like I promised him.

After that, I called the father to ask him to bring 1.5 million naira if he wants to see his son and explained to him where he should bring the money. After describing the place I went there before him to wait and when he came I saw him and asked him to deposit the money at a particular place as he let it down, I was nearby watching him to make sure he wasn’t. come with the police. After he dropped it, I now released the boy for him and went to collect the money, counted it and it was full.

How i spend the money

I used the money to buy household items because I am a married man with two children. I bought food, paid off some of my debts, bought two mobile phones, one for 50,000 N and the other for 30,000 N. I had spent around 200,000 N before I was stopped.

How i was arrested

I was followed three days after the incident and arrested by IRT agents.

How do you feel

Honestly, I feel terrible.