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IHG revamps employee benefits to increase talent retention


IHG Hotels and Resorts introduced a series of employee benefits designed to encourage skilled workers to join the organization and to help the company retain the talent currently on its books.

The new program, dubbed “IHG myBenefits,” comes as the organization prepares for another solid year of hotel openings in 2022, with more than 30 planned in the Australasia, Japan and Pacific region.

IHG myBenefits offers a wide range of leave and incentive programs designed for a variety of specific and modern needs, with flexibility being a key feature. These include paid parental leave for maternal, paternal and adoption requirements, as well as the ability for staff to use the availability of personal leave for proactive welfare or even take a temporary sabbatical to continue. a personal or passionate project. There is even an extra paid day off for staff members to enjoy their birthday.

Employees will have access to a range of flexible leave options to suit individual circumstances.

The program also changed its domestic violence leave for staff on paid leave instead of unpaid leave in an effort to encourage all team members experiencing violence or abuse at the hands of a intimate partner to seek help without compromising their job.

IHG Senior Vice President and General Manager for Japan, Australasia and the Pacific, Leanne Harwood, said part of ensuring a great workplace is providing employees with the benefits and benefits. most attractive working conditions.

“People who work in the hospitality industry know this is a fantastic place to develop a rewarding career, but we recognize that now more than ever, we need to do everything we can to make the most compelling proposition for people to join or remain in our industry, ”said Harwood.

“Providing our colleagues with flexible working arrangements is something we are really passionate about and it is a policy that we are proud to deploy.

IHG Hotels and Resorts SVP and General Manager Japan, Australasia and the Pacific, Leanne Harwood.

“Each colleague’s situation will be different, depending on their role and personal situation, so we are committed to working with them to find the best way to bring more flexibility into their lives. “

In addition, an IHG myPerks program also enables staff to enjoy cash back and rewards at more than 400 retailers and service providers, as well as access to an online ‘Wellness Center’ that offers a variety of tutorials to improve physical, mental and financial well-being.

Harwood added that with a very prosperous year punctuated by recovery and resurgence on the cards in 2022, more needed to be done to encourage people to embark on careers in the hospitality industry.


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