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Some people still believe that if your SME is in the credit bureau it is a bad thing because you appear in it when you stop paying a loan you asked for. It is a myth!

The truth is that being in the credit bureau is NOT a bad thing by itself and does not have to affect your company.

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On the official credit bureau page, you will have access to an advisor who will help you interpret your information and clarify your doubts.

You will be able:
• Check your credit history
• Enter and verify that your information is correctly updated
• Know who has consulted your history

You have the right to consult this report for free once every 12 months. If you want additional inquiries, the cost will be $ 35.60 per query. We suggest you review your special credit report and take advantage of everything you just learned to monitor and take care of your credit history and that of your SME.

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The reason for the credit bureau’s existence

The reason for the credit bureau

To begin with, the credit bureau is a private company, authorized by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. Its mission is to gather a history of how you pay all the financing you request. This gives companies information, for example, to decide whether to approve a loan or not in the future.

What is shown in your credit history

credit history

If you have requested some type of credit, then you will find your information there. Including card accounts, cable service, telephony, etc. This information includes the credits you paid on time and those you didn’t.
That means that having a good record in the bureau will help companies trust you more to approve loans in the future.

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