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Managing a hotel is not an easy task: find out how you can simplify this job



Hotels have been the lifeblood of the hospitality industry since their invention. However, a modern hotel is very different from what hotels were a century ago.

For starters, hotels are much bigger today than they’ve ever been. They also offer a lot more services. Therefore, running a hotel is a tall order and the reason hotel managers earn so much.

You need to be flexible and have the ability to multitask to effectively run a hotel. It is your job to make sure that your staff and customers are happy with the running of a hotel, which is quite difficult.

Here are some tips that can make hotel management easier:

1. Know your staff

If you want to run a hotel effectively, you need to understand in detail what each department and employee in the hotel does. The best way for you to do this is to spend at least a day doing all the chores that are done in the hotel. From spending time at the front desk to cleaning rooms, you should do it all.

It will give you a better perspective on what the little details of running a hotel involve. You will not only enjoy the work of your staff, but it will give you a better ability to manage the day-to-day affairs of the hotel.

A hotel manager must have practical knowledgeunlike managers of other companies. You also need to have the support and respect of your staff to effectively run a hotel.

2. Delegate tasks

You would quickly be overwhelmed if you tried to handle most of the tasks associated with running a hotel. Therefore, if you want to make your job easier, you have to learn and become good at delegating tasks.

Each hotel has different departments, including reception, laundry services, room services, kitchen department, and security. It is your job as a hotel manager to oversee all departments; therefore, you delegate tasks to the head of each department.

Establish a chain of command in which staff report to their department heads, and they in turn report to you. It would be better if you meet with the different department heads on a daily basis to discuss the day’s work.

As a manager, you have a monitoring role and I thought you should know what each role in the hotel involves, and that you shouldn’t get too involved in those roles. Being a manager is trusting your employees to do the work you give them.

3. Hotel management software

Technology now plays a crucial role in all facets of our lives and more so in business. Technology solutions make your business more productive by allowing you to run it more efficiently.

Software, in particular, makes business and work processes much more streamlined and easier to manage. If you want to have an easier time managing a hotel, you should consider hotel management software. The software will help you manage most aspects of the hotel and lighten your load incredibly.

The automation of hotel processes will be of particular benefit to you and your staff as it makes operations faster and more efficient. You need to evaluate the many hotel software and find the one that works best for your hotel.

4. Focus on leadership

Yes, management is in the title and job description of a hotel manager, but you’re not a very good hotel manager if you’re just managing. It is essential that you are also a leader, which will make running your hotel much easier.

A leader is proactive and take action instead of waiting to react to disasters as they arise, of which there are many for a hotelier. Leadership will also allow you to keep the “big picture” of the hotel in mind rather than getting bogged down in the details.

Your staff are counting on you to lead by example, not just to instruct or reprimand them when they are wrong. If you are a good leader, the hotel staff will do just about anything for you which will make your job very easy.

5. Marketing

A hotel is a business like any other. Therefore, you need to market it if you want to have a steady supply of paying customers and cash flow. Bringing in new business for a hotel is often much more difficult than it looks. However, it will make your job as a hotel manager relatively easy if you can get it right.

Therefore, you have to come up with marketing strategies which will keep the traffic high. It would be best to plan your marketing strategies as early as possible, as this will allow you to evaluate and test them. You can find what works and what doesn’t and adjust accordingly.

In the digital age, digital marketing is essential for a hotel. Your marketing strategy should include content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing.

A relationship with event planners and others who can bring business to your hotel will be crucial. A well-marketed hotel is often a successfully managed hotel.

6. Accept comments

Hotel guests are the most vital aspect of your business as a hotel manager, and as they say, “the customer is always right”. Customers are for the most part the best judges of hotel quality, and you should listen to what they have to say if you are to be a good hotel manager.

Therefore, you should make it a habit to talk to your hotel guests during their stay and upon check-out. Listen to both their complaints and their compliments. Be proactive and give them surveys that will offer valuable feedback on your performance.

Could you take advantage of an interactive platform such as social media or hotel management software to communicate with guests even after they leave? Make the necessary adjustments, and your job as a hotel manager will be quite enjoyable.

In conclusion, running a hotel is one of the most difficult jobs you can have. You not only oversee the staff, but also the hotel’s guests and business processes. The tips above should make it easier for you, but the key is to keep learning. If you are open to comments, your life as a hotel manager will be easy.



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