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Nearly 50% of hospitality workers could change jobs for better technology



In the hospitality industry, advanced technology is not a luxury, but a crucial part of running the best hotel or resort possible. It’s sobering to realize that while the best possible technology will keep things running smoothly, unreliable or outdated technology could cost you your people.

So how much do your employees dislike bulky and unreliable walkie talkies? In a new survey, we found that hospitality workers dissatisfied with their current technology would seriously consider switching jobs to access updated technology.

Better technology is a tempting job incentive

In a survey * conducted in August 2021, we looked at hotel staff satisfaction with current walkie-talkie radios.

They would quit for better technology. We found that almost 50% of workers would consider quitting their jobs for better and safer workplace communication technology.

Take away from the survey: Not all employee incentives around the world won’t matter if your staff hate your current walkie-talkies.

They won’t wait for upgrades. About one in three respondents consider the need to upgrade workplace communications to be such a priority that they would consider leaving their current company immediately.

Take away from the survey: Even if you promise upgrades in the future, your staff is unlikely to wait indefinitely for you to revamp your tech stack.

Security issues:

The survey results also reveal some of the deeper reasons why updated walkie-talkie technology is so important to hospitality staff. They don’t feel safe at work without it.

  • About one in five employees did not feel safe on the job because of faulty walkie-talkies.
  • More than 70% of workers said they were forced to use their personal smartphones at work due to chronic radio malfunctions.
  • About one in five respondents felt they had been placed in dangerous situations, or said that they generally felt unsafe at work due to the inability to connect quickly by radio.
  • Some of the trickier issues shared included faulty radios, the frustration of being repeatedly and inexplicably out of range, or simply not being able to tune into the correct channel.

“While the best technology will enhance your brand and keep things running smoothly, unreliable or outdated technology could cost you your people. “

Safer employees = more loyal employees:

The good news is that upgrading or updating your associated alerting devices can encourage staff to stay at their current position; Here’s why.

Employee lack of confidence in workplace radios comes at a time when the country’s hospitality industry faces a labor shortage brought on by the protracted pandemic. The hospitality industry needs to realize that it is no longer just looking after customers, but that employee safety through technical issues should be seen as a high priority. Focusing on the updated panic buttons reassures your staff that their concerns are being addressed.

At Relay, we pride ourselves that our devices connect workers and empower them through the use of a panic button and a fully connected cellular network. Contact us to learn how to empower your staff through connectivity with a device that alerts anyone to potential danger.

Continue to improve the customer and employee experience

It might sound a little harsh, but it’s a huge mistake not to use the technology your staff rely on while only improving customer experiences. Now would be a great time to re-evaluate how you pay your team for their hard work.

“Employees who work in the hospitality industry need better conditions, including higher wages and improved benefits. Said Chris Chuang, CEO of Relay. More than that, after analyzing the survey results, Chuang said that “innovative technology in the workplace is becoming more and more attractive as a retention factor, and it is essential that these employees can discharge their responsibilities safely and without any shortcuts ”.

3 important points to take away from the survey

Spoiler alert: By hampering your staff with faulty or outdated radios or old walkie-talkies, you could end up alienating guests, which would impact your bottom line.

  • Slow front-end operations: Almost 40% of employees had an operational problem or a guest request took too long due to the failure of the efficient connection via traditional radios.
  • Customer satisfaction scores suffer: More than a third of employees admitted that customer satisfaction scores suffered due to slow response times on faulty radios.
  • Consensus for the upgrade: Almost 90% of employees said they would feel better if their current employer updated their radios to be more reliable and able to increase customer satisfaction.

Discover all the details of the survey here

* Survey Information: Shared results are from a nationally represented survey of 250 US participants aged 18 and over working in the hospitality industry. They specifically shared criticisms and grievances about their experiences with the company-issued walkie-talkie radios.

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