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New all-day restaurant soon to open at Historic Ace downtown


The downstairs restaurant at the base of the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles is slated to reopen soon, but with a new chef, name, and general management. Best Girl, of Providence, chef Michael Cimarusti is gone after a four-year race; in its place comes Loam.

As the name suggests, the new Loam will focus on the rich soil and deep roots of Los Angeles itself, with a special emphasis on vegetables (although Loam is not exclusively vegetarian or vegan). Spread over breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner – eventually – Loam will craft a menu that ranges from breakfast sandwiches to braised kale with red beets and simple hotel burgers for lunch. At dinner, travelers and locals alike can feast on smoked black cod, many roasted vegetables, or a hanging steak with turnips and fermented plums.

The restaurant will also offer coffee, take-out, natural California wine, and cocktails, many of which are low in ABV and alcohol-free. Loam will be overseen by Chef Joshua Guarneri, who recently made a name for himself managing the kitchen at the now closed Avalon Bar in Echo Park.

As for space, expect a look similar to the former tenant, as befitting the style of the existing Ace Hotel, which was built in 1927. There will certainly be a mellow vibe to it. cafe workers and travelers, and the upstairs mezzanine will also host its own art and music shows (and its own bar menu) in the coming months. The first iteration of Loam at 929 S. Broadway in the downtown core will open on October 6, with take-out coffee and counter service offerings to start, as well as a sit-down dinner in the evening. A switch to a more comprehensive breakfast, lunch and brunch service will follow shortly thereafter.

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