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October 10, 2021 – Monterey Herald


Changing local elections

Going from general elections to district elections in Monterey would only benefit candidates who could not be elected in the past to carve out ridings so that they have a better chance of winning without competing with that many, in most cases. , more qualified candidates. For example, Tim Barrett, who lost two attempts to return to the board. His odds of winning in a district race greatly improve his odds, but he’s not the only one. The message from the voters was clear that he did not want to represent us, but competing only in a specific district would greatly increase his chances.

LULAC asked me for help and I told them everything. This would allow a privileged few, including those who lobbied before, to choose candidates in lower-income neighborhoods, like mine, which have been unable to recruit candidates despite numerous attempts. Working residents, tenants and young families don’t have the time to get involved to the point of campaigning and can’t afford the cost involved let alone the extra time they don’t have to serve at all. by working multiple jobs and family commitments.

We want to choose those who are ready to serve and who have the time, experience and a proven track record to represent the best interests of ALL residents, not just special interest groups.

– Esther Malkin, Monterey

The death of Doug Freedman

It was an inspiration to notice and recognize Doug Freedman, the founder of the Carmel “Avenue Contest”. He and his wife Genie saw the story and the proper setting and those ironic times for such a generous gift to Carmel. How dismayed and saddened that we are losing the inspiration and ideas of this special man and part of the special team that they were.

– Lisa Bryan, Carmel

Counter entry on ATC hotel proposal

Ignore the relocation of the service entrance to the proposed ATC hotel, as recommended by the PG Architectural Review Board (12/15/20) in the recently released updated hotel plans, underestimates the value that our city places on helping each other as neighbors.

It may be assumed that people are too busy trying to live their lives during a pandemic and might not know that entry into service will ruin the
quality of life in the neighboring district.

And it may be true. But, it is also true that there are other choices for moving the service entrance as only one hotel boundary is adjacent to anyone living nearby and if their fellow PG’s knew they would want it to be. is also moved. There are other routes for trucks than residential streets.

We are a community that cares about each other. There is pride in working together through all kinds of volunteering, which makes it a special place and one of the reasons people choose to live here.

We can argue over density, traffic, height, impacts on views, etc. of the proposed hotel in relation to the income earned. But, if it was a vote on the service entrance, moving it to protect the neighboring neighborhood would win.

– Janet Cohen, Pacific Grove

Maintain the classic style of PG

When I hear that Pacific Grove is authorizing the construction of yet another “upscale” luxury resort, I wonder what kind of image or identity the commissioners are trying to present. PG seduces with its wonderful mix of classic architectures reminiscent of its history and evolution. Personally, I consider the previously built top floor condos and those currently under construction to be an eye sore as none match the quaint, classic style best known as Pacific Grove. I wonder what the planners really hoped to gain by approving such sites.

– Jim Barta, Pebble Beach

Consider impeachment

Name any event where President Trump or his military leaders killed innocent civilians by drone strikes without hitting enemy combatants, as Biden recently did in Afghanistan. Ten people were killed, including seven innocent children. The two “terrorists” turned out to be American aid workers. Let’s see them blame Trump for it again.

Trump was impeached for abusing military aid funds in Ukraine and indirectly provoking the Jan.6 Capitol riots. Tell me why it is so much more serious than killing 10 innocent civilians in Afghanistan after a botched evacuation from an airport that killed 13 soldiers. Certainly, we should consider impeachment again since the Democrats have set the demands so low.

– Bill Graham, Salinas


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