Payment card theft: what steps should you take now?

What happens when the payment card is stolen from us? How to protect yourself from a thief? Do you think you are looking after your bag / backpack well enough? Have you ever thought about it? We invite you to our short guide! We’ve collected a handful of useful tips for you.

Payment card and PIN theft: be careful!

Payment card and PIN theft: be careful!


We do not need to remind you that you should protect your payment card PIN? What does it mean? First of all: don’t write it down! Imagine this situation: did you write the PIN code in a notebook that was stolen from you along with your entire purse or backpack? Or worse, did you write the PIN on the card itself? Now the thief has all the information he needs on the plate and unfortunately – you made it easier for him.

Secondly: if you use a payment card and need to enter the PIN somewhere, do it imperceptibly and carefully so that no one nearby is able to see the numbers you enter. The PIN code is the “bastion” of your card’s defenses, so the basis is skilful protection of these few inconspicuous numbers.

Thirdly: we don’t need to remind you to watch your purse, backpack, wallet etc. in public places and not leave personal belongings unattended? Sometimes just a few moments of inattention are enough for unpleasant consequences. Theft, for example theft of a proximity card, can be a very unpleasant experience.

Payment card theft: how to behave?

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Unfortunately, despite the precaution you have not managed to protect yourself against theft? What now? The payment card should be restricted. How to do it? This is usually possible through the helpline of the bank that issued it or a visit to its branch – these are just some of the potential options. Just in case, check beforehand what your bank’s procedures are in such a situation, so you will know how to behave.

The same applies to the case of losing a payment card

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It should also be reserved. You don’t know who can find it and what to use it for. Note: Don’t forget that once you block a card, you won’t be able to continue using it. You will need a new card!

To sum up: theft of a payment card is an unpleasant experience, usually being a source of additional stress. You need to know not only how to avoid it, but also what to do in a situation where despite our efforts it happened.

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