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Police arrest identity theft and fraud operation at Peachtree City Hotel


Peachtree City police say they found some very interesting things in a hotel room that landed a couple in jail on more than a dozen charges.

Peachtree City hotel management called police when a couple did not return to their room for days. Police were surprised by what they discovered: printers capable of producing driver’s licenses and credit cards, blank checks and suitcases full of personal information stolen from dozens of victims.

(Peachtree City Police Department)

Police said it was also evidence of identity theft and credit card fraud.

(Peachtree City Police Department)

They said Adam Pennington and Stephanie Howard did not return to the hotel room because they were arrested in neighboring Coweta County on similar charges.

(Peachtree City Police Department)

Peachtree City police have charged 11 counts of identity theft, drug charges and other fraud charges all at once. They said Pennington was also in trouble for possession of the gold spray-painted AR-15 rifle. He is charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

(Peachtree City Police Department)

Police said the couple had personal information they had taken in various ways, either by diving into a dumpster or stealing mail. It is so important to protect these documents.

(Peachtree City Police Department)

A few tips to follow:

  • Use a shredder to destroy sensitive documents
  • Monitor your financial accounts
  • Lock car doors and hide valuables
  • Sign up for informed delivery via the post office
  • Be careful who you give out identity information to, especially on the web.

Police say Stephanie Howard is in jail in Fayette County. Adam Pennington was being held in Coweta County on some pretty serious charges.