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Quality service and excellent food at the Brunswick Hotel Shanklin


SHANKLIN retains a vigorous accommodation sector that would be the envy of any English seaside resort.

But what about food? Sitting at a table by the window of the Hotel Brunswick, we were about to find out.

Linen towels floated over our laps in a style we hadn’t seen in years. Now we were beginning to sit and pay attention.

An outstanding mushroom amuse-bouche was followed by a maple and turmeric salted salmon – a mouth-watering starter.

The supreme of cod.

As well as baked cauliflower with charred mushrooms, mashed white onions. A delicate dish with tender flavors.

The cod supreme was a dramatic main course. A big slice of soft, flaky fish, the skin rough seared and salted, was served with mashed sweet potatoes, a pair of Asian dumplings and a big, aromatic piece of braised fennel.

Matt boldly risked an extra £10 on a magnificent steak. It had a classic salty, seared crust and just the right amount of juice oozing from the inside when sliced.

The desserts could not be missing. A perfect ball of soft and fresh panna cotta with a subtle sweet flavor of anise was served with warm winter fruits, candied orange zest and a fruit shortbread biscuit.

The rich and cleverly constructed lime meringue pie, with a dark chocolate cigar, was generous enough that even between us couldn’t finish it.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Matt’s steak was deeply enjoyable.

The immaculately presented Brunswick absolutely shattered our expectations. It was the classiest seated service we have enjoyed in years, with the food to match.

There was nothing on the menu. Each item was delivered on a black tray, held proudly aloft. Each dish was described as it was placed elegantly on the linen covered table.

Everything was served and taken over the right shoulder. At all times, Schrödinger’s server was close enough to cater to our every whim before we even asked, but far enough away not to intrude on any intimate conversation we could share.

Great service is something you can’t have delivered in a heat bag, and by God we missed it.

Oh, and one more thing. We were here on the Price is Wight deal: two courses for 20 per person.

We paid for a few extras but even with a whole extra dish this amazing meal was very good value at just over £30 per person.


2 lessons @ £20 (price is Wight Deal) £40
£10 supplement
Lime meringue tart 7€
Panna cotta with star anise 8 €

TOTAL: £65

RATING: Five stars. Exceptional – one of the best places we have tried.


5 Queens Road, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, PO37 6AN.

TEL: 01983 863245

WEB: brunswick-hotel.co.uk

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