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Residence Inn Orlando at Flamingo Crossings: Hotel Near Disney World Review


The Residence Inn Orlando at Flamingo Crossings Town Center is a Marriott extended-stay hotel near Walt Disney World featuring large family suites and full kitchens. This resort review features photos of rooms, thoughts on amenities, and the pros and cons of booking at this resort, currently Walt Disney World’s newest resort.

Whether this Residence Inn is an onsite or offsite hotel is a matter of perspective. Located off Western Way and State Road 429 near Coronado Springs and Animal Kingdom, the hotel is in the Disney-controlled Reedy Creek Improvement District and is part of Flamingo Crossings, which is being developed by Walt DisneyWorld. However, it’s just outside the WDW walkway that greets visitors and generally delineates “offsite” and the Disney bubble.

For those unfamiliar with Flamingo Crossings, it’s actually a booming neighborhood in Walt Disney World and Central Florida. It’s like a budget version of Disney Springs, literally and figuratively. None of the retailers are overtly Disney and there is no Imagineering to speak of. On the contrary, it looks very much like a slightly upmarket suburban mall. It’s a city populated by tourists and Disney program attendees, thanks to nearby student housing. If you are curious about this area, read more in our Guide to Flamingo Crossings at Walt Disney World.

For its part, the Residence Inn by Marriott Orlando at Flamingo Crossings Town Center is about a 12-minute drive from Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios, and slightly longer from Epcot and Magic Kingdom.

Residence Inn has a quiet location at the back of Flamingo Crossings, away from the freeway while still being within walking distance of Target, Five Guys and everywhere else. All of this makes it a conveniently located option if you want somewhere to pick up groceries or sundries or late night burgers!

Modern extended-stay hotels may not be familiar to fans of Walt Disney World, but we’ve seen plenty of the current generation of these products in Anaheim. Within walking distance of Disneyland there are many Residence Inns, SpringHill Suites, Home2 Suites, Element and TownePlace Suites. The stereotypical style has become ubiquitous there over the past decade. It’s great to see more built around Walt Disney World, as new extended stay hotels are a great fit for many families.

Banish any negative preconceptions about extended stay hotels you may have, because this generation is different. Rather than being the bland, boring, utilitarian domain of business consultants (and not a cool domain like George Clooney in In the air; more like Bob Slydell in office space) the Residence Inn redefines what it means to be an extended stay hotel. Or, at the very least, makes it more appealing to families, business travelers, and young travelers.

This evolution of extended-stay hotels is actually an industry-wide thing, and major hoteliers have been refining their product over the past few years. For those who are curious and want a bit of interesting history (I think!), these hotels are innovating to compete with Airbnb and changing consumer behavior, strive to grow this lucrative and in-demand segment of the hospitality industry, and also meet the higher expectations of young professionals and vacationers.

This is all evident at the Residence Inn by Marriott Orlando at Flamingo Crossings Town Center. The ground-floor lobby is modern, with welcoming lounges, fireplaces, and large common areas for breakfast. None of this is trendy and trendy, but it’s not dull and boring either. It’s almost as if the Residence Inn was precisely designed to appeal to all demographics.

This bar is fun enough for the young business traveler ready to let loose after a long day learning about the latest cutting-edge technologies at a Xerox Expo, yet accessible for parents who also want to unwind after a long day. day at Walt Disney. World. It’s actually impressive how the hotel as a whole sticks to this line, catering to both families and business travelers.

If a nice, somewhat trendy extended-stay hotel doesn’t throw you into a loop, perhaps the exterior, vaguely resembling Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, will.

The main differences? This one isn’t within walking distance of Magic Kingdom and costs no more than $750 per night. Oh, and the rooms here are arguably nicer.

Might as well start the review there, because the rooms are one of the big selling points of the Residence Inn at Flamingo Crossings.

This hotel offers a variety of room options: spacious studios, as well as one- and two-bedroom suites with separate living and sleeping areas. All rooms also have a fully equipped kitchen.

For this stay, I booked the studio. This room is surprisingly spacious at 40 square meters, putting it on par with the Grand Floridian.

Square footage is put to better use here, with a bed plus a sitting area, desk, and TV that swivels. Most notably, there is a full kitchen.

For most families, full kitchens in all rooms will be the Residence Inn’s biggest selling point. This means a full size fridge, stove (no oven), microwave and dishwasher.

The kitchen is also equipped with pots, pans and all the dishes you will need. Add to that the target at Flamingo Crossings which is about a 5-10 minute walk from here, and you can easily cook meals in your room.

The room is beautifully designed and feels modern thanks to the carpeting, lighting, artwork, and other details. The color palette is a bit muted and muted for my tastes, but this style has probably been tested as the most appealing/least offensive hotel room style (and one that won’t go out of style too quickly).

The bedding and pillows are perfectly fluffy and will do the job after a long day at the parks. It’s nothing fancy, but fairly comparable to most non-luxury hotels both on-site and off-site. There really isn’t a wide variety of bedding quality among hotels in or near Walt Disney World. Most of the newer ones, reasonably good looking, are very comparable to each other.

The bathrooms at the Residence Inn are a definite plus and in the same upgraded style as others around Flamingo Crossings. Beautiful sink, counter and very efficient lighting.

The shower is also a walk-in as you would expect from almost any new hotel being built today. Like the bedroom, this bathroom is quite spacious.

The Residence Inn’s basic rooms rank very well against the competition at Flamingo Crossings.

I’ve done a number of standard or studio stays before, and this is the only one that feels more like a one bedroom unit. The only thing missing is the wall separating the bedroom and the living room. Anyone using this full kitchen will definitely prefer the Residence Inn over most other regular room options at Flamingo Crossings.

Prices obviously vary by date, but nightly rates at the Residence Inn by Marriott Orlando in downtown Flamingo Crossings are generally under $200 per night. (Travel costs have skyrocketed recently, but all of these hotels were in the $100/night range not too long ago…and hopefully still will be!)

In my random searches for rates this summer, I found this Residence Inn to be less than $20/night from everything in Flamingo Crossings except the SpringHill Suites across the street, which has a few years older than anything else. In light of what the Residence Inn offers compared to the competition, I would consider this price to be incredibly fair.

The free breakfast in the morning is a little sparse, but it’s still one of the best free breakfasts among hotels near Walt Disney World. The room where this breakfast is served is huge and there is also outdoor seating by the pool.

Although not great, there are hot, protein and fruit options. If you want about 738% of your daily serving of sugar, there are even pre-packaged Liège waffles.

Other amenities include a 24-hour fitness center, self-service laundry room, convenience store in the lobby, and a bar/lounge. As you would expect with a brand new hotel, the fitness center is quite nice. Huge, and with a ton of amenities and big screens on every device.

The Residence Inn also offers free parking, which is notable as it’s becoming increasingly rare for hotels near Walt Disney World.

The pool is really nice, with plenty of seating, fire pits, and even an outdoor bar. There are also small fountains that emit soothing sounds when this area is uncrowded.

The problem is that this area was rarely deserted during my stay. Don’t let this photo fool you – I took it early in the morning to avoid blunders. Noon and night, this area was crowded. Many hotels in Central Florida have fantastic pools, but this is not one of them – this pool is undersized for the hotel.

Overall, the Residence Inn by Marriott Orlando at Flamingo Crossings Town Center earns our highest recommendation, with that undersized pool being about the only point of criticism. It will defy guest expectations for an extended-stay hotel, and it’s nice to finally see a well-executed version of this concept so close to Walt Disney World.

In every demographic I can think of, this hotel performs incredibly well. It’s ideal for couples who want a fridge well stocked with beers and perfect for families looking to save money by cooking their own meals. Almost anyone who wants a little more space or the ability to prepare meals/drinks will love it. When it comes to Flamingo Crossings hotel rankings, the Residence Inn is currently #1. Extending this to all hotels near Walt Disney World, it ranks among the best in terms of value for money.

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Have you stayed at the Residence Inn by Marriott Orlando at Flamingo Crossings Town Center? What did you think of the layout and quality of the room? Did you like the full kitchen or the living room? Was the bedding satisfactory? Did you enjoy your stay at this hotel? Any thoughts on breakfast? Considering the Residence Inn? Hearing your feedback on your experiences is both interesting for us and helpful for other readers, so feel free to share your thoughts or questions below in the comments!