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Revealed: Ace Hotel Sydney set to debut in Surry Hills in early 2022


Atelier Ace offered a first look inside the new Ace Hotel Sydney, the chain’s first property in the Southern Hemisphere, set to debut in early 2022.

The hotel is located in the historic Tyne House brick factory in Surry Hills – the site of one of Australia’s first ceramic kilns – and the 264-room property will showcase the features the brand is well known for, including elegant rooms, a restaurant on the ground floor, a bar and cafe in the hotel’s communal lobby, and a restaurant and bar on the roof.

Ace Hotel Group Chairman Brad Wilson said Ace Sydney would invite the “ready rhythm of Surry Hills inside” and that the property would be “an active common good for culture, commerce, art and the community”.

“While its culture and character is unique to it, we have always felt a strong affinity with Australia – its fearless optimism and renegade spirit resonates with Ace’s roots on America’s Pacific coast,” a- he declared.

Wilson said the property was designed by Flack Studio, run by acclaimed Melbourne founder and director David Flack, and it will be one of the most notable hotels in the global network, which includes locations in Seattle, Portland, New York, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Chicago, Kyoto and Brooklyn.

“We love the hallmark of the country’s modernism, especially in the use of local organic materials, and have been fortunate to find a perfectly modernist partner in Flack Studio,” Wilson said.

“David’s eye for color and space is quite unique: a dream design collaborator for our first hotel in Australia.

According to Ace, the hotel is inspired by the rich history of Surry Hills and the warm, cinematic color palette of the Australian landscape.

“The design of the Ace Hotel Sydney acts as a call and a response to the city’s past, superimposing its eras and developments in a contrast of textures and natural tones,” says Atelier Ace.

“From the razor-sharp gang warfare to the illegal alcohol trade of the 1920s and 1930s, to the godsend of modernist art of the 1960s and the Gay Solidarity Group protests of the 1970s, the neighborhood has long been been home to the most pioneering and resilient voices in modern Australia – a culture that originated from the vibrant migrant communities of Surry Hills.

“Flack Studio adopted organic materials to create spaces true to this story – from the acoustically textured straw walls of the hotel rooms to the striking red ocher concrete staircase in its lobby.

“A respect for craftsmanship is present throughout the building, with many of its furnishings, artwork and interior details created just for this project.

“The furnishings, carpentry and lighting in the guest rooms have all been carefully custom designed by Flack Studio, with textile-adorned window seats designed to invite conversation into every space. “

Flack Studio has been included in Vogue Live‘s’ Top 50′ in 2021 and in Architectural Digest Germany‘s’ Top 100′ in 2020 and David said the Ace Hotel Sydney is an exciting project to work on.

“Surry Hills has hosted so many culturally important movements and people, and has always been a hotbed for creative and migrating cultures,” he said.

“We wanted to preserve the creative and slightly renegade energy of the space from its origins as one of Australia’s first brickyards.

“We are committed to creating a warm space that brings together Australia’s cultural history with Ace’s unique, community-based approach to hospitality.”

Next year will be an important year for Atelier Ace, with the company also making its Canadian debut with the Ace Hotel Toronto in early 2022.


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