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Robots deployed in some hotels due to staff shortage


SUNNYVALE, Calif. (KGO) – Difficulty filling many service jobs is forcing hotels to scramble to provide room service, and some companies are using robots to do the job.

A hotel in California uses the relay robot designed by Savioke to manage the hotel’s room service.

“They’re in that kind of critical mode where the highest paid staff replace the things that robots can frankly do,” said Savioke CEO Steve Cousins.

The robot only needs to be trained once to navigate the lobby and corridors. It has even been adapted to call an elevator and once inside it can press the destination floor.

A common task of the robot is to deliver soft drinks to the guests.

Once in the room, he calls the customer to announce his arrival.

The robot opens its compartment door and the requested soft drink is there for the guest to grab.

“You don’t have to tip. You know, there is no obligation. There’s no paper and you don’t even have to dress for it, ”Cousins ​​said.

The robot reduced the wait time for room service from 30 minutes to five minutes in many cases.

It also reduces anxiety related to COVID-19.

“There are guests who like being able to have items delivered and not having that contact with a human being. It’s more of an enhanced experience than replacing someone, ”said Radisson Sunnyvale CEO Alex Martinez.

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