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Security expert warns of hotel credit card scam, shares advice on what to do when targeted


With crooks lurking in the shadows, a TikToker has taken it upon themselves to shed light on how individuals can protect themselves. A recent video she made of a hotel scam was praised by many for her helpful advice.

A security expert through Cathy Pedrayes or @cathypedrayes on TikTok posted a clip on her account warning of a hotel credit card scam. The social media user also explained what to do if someone tries to cheat on them.

She was sitting on a bed in a hotel, pretending to be talking on the phone. Using voice overlay to expand on the problem, Pedrayes said that if you get a phone call in someone’s bedroom pretending to be in the office, claiming the guest’s card has been lost or denied, it must beware.

With BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” playing in the background, The TikToker advised fellow Internet users to refrain from giving out their credit card details over the phone. Rather @cathypedrayes declared:

“Hang up and go speak to the front desk in person to report the call and verify your payment.”

The TikTok user performed the scene, putting the phone down and walking to the front desk. The video has gone viral, racking up just under 553,000 likes and around 1,000 comments so far.

Many of the remarks consisted of people questioning why she made the clip, saying her warning was common sense. Others thanked her for the information, with some TikTokers sharing that they’ve seen someone try to scam them this way. A writing:

“It happened to me! He tricked me into knowing the exact amount of my room service bill, so I trusted him.”

Some reviewers have shared more tips, a declaring that everyone should take their luggage with them, no matter where they go in the hotel. A significant number of people claiming to be hotel employees confirmed that Pedrayes’ tip was accurate and useful.

Angela Riihiluoma

, a former hotel employee, also replied in the affirmative and previously made a video on a similar topic. The TikToker has expanded on a plethora of situations that guests should watch out for while staying in a hotel.

She then informed the guest that they had hidden five of these fruits in her room.

The TikTok user advised everyone not to use the coffee machine in their bedroom. She explained that many visitors have a penchant for using it as a toilet.

Beyond the urinals, hotel staff constantly have to deal with a myriad of bizarre experiences in their day-to-day work. One guest, TikTok user Tommy, has chosen to push his limits by asking hotel employees, via email, to hide an apple in his room.

The TikToker claimed that finding this fruit relieves his stress when commuting to work. Tommy arrived at the hotel, where the lady at the front desk giggled, calling him the “apple boy.”

She then informed the guest that they had hidden five of these fruits in her room. The staff really went out of their way, with a map on Tommy’s bed informing him of his next scavenger hunt.

Tommy found the first in a microwave, the second under pillows, the third in a refrigerator, the fourth in a drawer, and the last in a kettle. It turns out that scams and strange guests are commonplace when working in the hospitality industry.

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