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If you were born into an entrepreneurial family, your career path was already set from the moment you were born – early or late you will have to give a helping hand to continue the success story of the family business. Now that you have an education and possibly a major degree, your family members announce that it is time to:

“Start earning the money you invest in the family business”

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Unlike your peers who spend several hours preparing your resume and sending countless application letters, which will hopefully be followed by job interviews, you seem to be in an ideal position because you do not have to invest in such a job because you are already waiting for a job. You also won’t need to use Mr. James comparison tables to get the most advantageous consumer loan when student loan is too short to provide a comfortable living. If your parents or other close relatives run a family business, joining a family business seems a matter of course. After all, there are not so many jobs in today’s job market that welcome students with no experience, and working with your family can bring you countless benefits. However, no job is perfect, especially if your future manager becomes the same person who once changed your diapers.

Before deciding on a family business and your career path there, you may want to consider some of the disadvantages and downsides of working for the family.

Family strife

You’ve grown up with your parents and you’ve lived with them under one roof for years, so it seems like you shouldn’t have a big problem living with them every day in the office, right? People who have gone through work for their family will know that there is a huge difference between living with their parents and working for them – they are like two sides of the globe. Working for your parents can lead to serious family conflicts because it is difficult to draw a clear line between where a family relationship begins and ends and where the relationship between the manager and subordinate begins. In addition, because you know each other so well, you may have a tendency to perceive disagreements at work very personally. In addition, if you have an emotional connection with your management, it is much easier to surrender to feelings in an office environment. These family disagreements can not only cause problems between relatives, but also negatively affect the operation of all businesses.

Lack of respect

Even if you are indeed the most qualified employee for a family business position, many of your colleagues, associates, and clients will still consider that you have been recruited simply because you are close relatives of management. When those around you think your achievements are solely related to bloodlines, they can show quite a lack of respect. Which, in turn, can create a great sense of resentment and a hostile work environment, which can potentially be a nuisance not only to you, but to everyone else in the company, even your parents. Not to mention that it can be a huge blow to your self-esteem and self-esteem and can hinder your personal career development.

Your ideas are often overlooked

It may be difficult for your parents to see more of you as their “little child” who has not yet grown up and is therefore unable to make serious decisions. Therefore, they may not value your opinion as much as other employees of the company who are not their relatives. When you want to present your progressive ideas on what the future of your business might look like and what your business will look like, your parents are unlikely to ignore it, noting that they have run this business for years and know better and better how you do it. . After all, you are their baby! What do you know about business complexity? This type of rejection can quickly grow into overwhelming resentment and feelings of inferiority.

There is no way out of a family business

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Once you have decided to join a family business and have been working for a while, you may feel that you have signed a lifetime contract with this employer. Even if you have more promising career prospects in another field or company, you may not be able to simply write down your parents and leave the family business to pursue your dream. After all, how can you abandon your parents and their business if they have told you from a young age about a family business and how that business will go into your hands in the future? If you decide to take on another job and leave the family business, your parents may never forgive you, and this resentment will be felt every time you meet for a family reunion. Are you ready for your family to turn away from you if you choose to think for yourself and not for the family business at a time when you have already made the decision to work with your parents?

Family Time = Business Time

When you work with your parents and relatives, you might start to think that everything you talk about when you are at a table or at an event is work. Every time you get together, whether it’s Christmas for your family or your birthday party, conversations are quickly moving in the right direction. This can put a lot of strain on your family relationships, and you may feel as though you were losing personal contact with your relatives who were much stronger when you were not working for the family. Now everyone has a family business in mind, but what about relaxing and enjoying life together?

You are emotionally involved in all the adversity of the company

When your business is going through difficult times or business development is slow, when you have to look at your parents day after day struggling to make ends meet and keep the company afloat, it will be difficult to keep your head cool and make rational decisions. It can potentially empty you emotionally and make your parents feel uncomfortable as no parent wants their children to see them in such a weak moment and unable to care for their family. When you work for the family, rather than for a large corporation, all the ups and downs of a business are felt more personally and can create an increased sense of stress.

Of course, working with parents can highlight a lot of problems. Not only will everyone around you believe that you are not qualified for the job, but simply because of your parents, but your parents will probably not ease your work day by occasionally throwing in a personal joke or leaving a childhood scene. However, if you are open to communication and you set the boundaries of what you have an acceptable working relationship with and what you do not, you will have a better chance of surviving and even developing in a family business. However, make sure you consider all the pros and cons before accepting such a job offer

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