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Stayntouch Partners with Residential Hotel Brand Mint House to Launch Customer-Centric Cloud PMS in 22 Properties


Staynttouch, a global leader in customer-centric, cloud-based hotel property management systems (PMS) and contactless technology, today announced an expanded partnership with Mint House, a transforming residential hotel company that offers luxury accommodations. State-of-the-art apartment style across the United States. . Debuting with the brand’s award-winning property, Mint House at 70 Pine – New York, Stayntouch has completed the rollout of its customer-centric cloud PMS across 22 Mint House properties.

Founded in 2017, Mint House operates in more than 15 major U.S. cities, including New York, Miami, Austin, Denver and Nashville, and plans to expand to more than 3,000 rooms in 30 additional markets over the next 12 months. Mint House selected Stayntouch because of its flexible open API architecture and comprehensive integration library, advanced automation capabilities, and ability to facilitate a technology-driven hospitality concept and seamless customer journey. contact. Mint House also takes advantage of Staynttouch’s daily usage reservation feature to provide rooms ideally suited for flexible and remote working.

“Mint House provides a comprehensive, customer-centric technology ecosystem that includes everything from mobile check-in and smart thermostats to on-demand fitness. “ said Patrick Duffy, head of revenue strategy at Mint House. “Stayntouch’s focus on automation and contactless solutions allows us to efficiently operate our properties and customize our sales and revenue strategies to combat an undeniable shift in consumer behavior towards remote working and really flexible trips. “

“We are delighted that Mint House has chosen to extend its partnership with Stayntouch, as both companies share the same underlying mission and philosophy: this technology can be used to deliver a great customer experience, while reimagining and continually improving the relationship between hotels and their customers. guests, “ said Michael Heflin, director of revenue at Staynttouch. “We are proud that our intuitive and flexible PMS is helping one of the world’s most innovative hotel brands meet the ever-changing demands of today’s travel landscape. “

About the mint house

Mint House is transforming the traditional hotel model and creating a new category of hospitality that fundamentally changes the way we live, work and play away from home, all powered by technology. Mint House’s award-winning properties are thoughtfully designed with full kitchens, expansive living and working spaces in prime downtown locations, delivering a new kind of stay smarter and more comfortable than a hotel and delivering the personalized service and consistency travelers have come to expect. Mint House’s proprietary technology stack and mobile-first model deliver a seamless and feature-rich customer experience, including mobile check-in and keyless entry, pre-stocked groceries, concierge services 24/7 digital, on-demand fitness, smart thermostats and retail spaces. To learn more, visit minthouse.com and @staymint.

About Staynttouch

Staynttouch provides a native, customer-centric, fully mobile Hotel Property Management System (PMS) and over 1,100 integrations, enabling hotels to increase service levels, generate revenue, reduce costs and ultimately , to captivate their customers. Backed by a team of professionals deeply rooted in the hospitality industry, staynttouch is a trusted partner for many avant-garde hotels and resorts, including the TWA Hotel, First Hotels, Conscious Hotels, Margaritaville, Valencia Hotel Group and Modus Hotels . Staynttouch is also a Preferred PMS Partner of some of the largest independent hotel collections in the world including; Design Hotels, an independent Marriott brand and Curator Hotel & Resort Collection.