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Ten-story GT hotel gets provisional green light


Proposed hotel website, One GT

(CNS): The developers behind One GT, a ten-story hotel and mixed-use building slated for downtown George Town, are expected to appear before the new central planning authority on Wednesday to confirm they have met the conditions imposed during its building permit last month. The minutes of that meeting, showing the reasons for the decision, are still not available, but the CPA’s agenda for next week indicates that conditional clearance was granted on June 23. The project raised wider public concerns, but only one formal objection was submitted by residents of Goring Avenue and the surrounding area.

The application for a $ 80 million, 268,173 square foot hotel with amenities has received planning permission provided that the applicant submits a revised site plan showing the building to a height of up to ten stories and 130 feet, as the original documents showed a building that was in fact eleven stories thanks to an open-air rooftop restaurant and other facilities. But these amenities constituted another floor under the Planning and Town Planning Regulations. The CPA also demanded a parking management strategy that provides for 162 parking spaces, including leases for off-site parking that extend over the life of the hotel’s operation.

The applicant has submitted these revised plans and the CPA will review the submission next week.

the the project has has sparked controversy within the local community as it is seen as another major development changing the character of the island and impacting infrastructure and traffic without offering any benefit to Caymanians. A major concern is the amount of concrete in George Town dedicated to parking which is inaccessible to most drivers but often unused due to the requirement to meet a large number of parking spaces for major buildings.

A letter was also sent to an objector’s planning department backed by local activists, Amplify Cayman. In the current state of the law, the voice of the public has no weight and cannot be taken into account in such decisions. The only objections that can be taken into account in an urban planning decision are those of residents, who must in most cases demonstrate a direct infringement of their right to enjoy their property or a violation of the law.

During an audience see you in 2019 Regarding the George Town revitalization project, government officials pointed out that at that time there were over 14,000 parking spaces in George Town, but most drivers cannot find any. Charles Brown, the ministry’s senior policy officer, said it was the Town Planning Act that created a situation where nearly half of the capital’s land is reserved for parking lots, but because it is owned to private buildings, many of them are not in use.

“Town planning law currently requires developers to include parking on or near the buildings they construct. The problem is that the parking lot is locked in a private parking lot and is not accessible, ”Brown said.

No details were included on the agenda regarding the new bid, so it’s unclear whether or not the developers will lease existing lots or concrete on more land.

See the Objector Letter supported by Amplify Cayman in the SNC Library (scroll to One GT).


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