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The Perfect Vacation: Holidays With Pets Are On The Rise | To travel



Whether or not to bring your furry babies is the dilemma most pet parents face when going on vacation. However, after spending a lot of time with pets during the lockdown period, many are now opting for pet vacations. And the hospitality industry is seeing an upward trend in the number of guests bringing their pets.

“There is a large untapped market for pet getaways. The second most used search filter on our website after “swimming pool” is “pet friendly”. This trend stems from the realization that, like us, it is unhealthy for our pets to be bound by the four walls of a house for a long time, ”says Ankita Sheth, co-founder of a holiday home chain. luxury, Vista Rooms.

Sheth points out that pet parents don’t have many options for a place their pets can roam in the open air, while on vacation. She says, “Most hotels have restrictions on areas that are accessible to pets. As a result, we’ve seen families choose villas over hotels, to get open space, whole house access, and the ability to cook meals for their pets just like they would at home. We love to welcome pets and make it the perfect vacation.

Many travel agencies are taking the plunge and introducing new features on their booking portals to make it easier to find such accommodation. “Last year, many people joined the ‘pet parents club’. In order to meet demand and make it easier for parents to plan their trip, we have introduced a “pets” filter, ”explains Ritu Mehrotra, regional manager (South Asia) at Booking.com.

While vacations with pets can be rewarding, it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. But the Delhiites are all set to do it. Akshita Taneja, a resident of Lajpat Nagar, a bank worker, recently planned a road trip to Shimla with her dog. She says, “We had never taken my dog ​​on long road trips before, but it was a well-deserved break. Taking short breaks between trips helped. Another city resident, Aarush Sahni, a digital marketer, who

planning a trip with your pet means finding help on travel groups on Facebook. He says, “I’m excited and nervous. We will pack his treats, his favorite toys and we will have checked with the hotel which areas will be accessible to us.

How to plan a road trip with pets

• Do not plan to cover the trip all at once. Take short, regular breaks in between.

• Do not feed the animal just before travel and in a moving vehicle.

• Pack a Pet Travel Kit – Include a leash, toys, treats, blankets, etc.

• Make sure the animal does not jump inside the vehicle during the journey.

• Do not leave the animal unattended for safety reasons; add coordinates to the necklace.

• Find out from the hotels in advance which areas will be accessible to you.



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