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Thieves Target Albuquerque Weddings, Steal Card Boxes


Nelsen’s husband Nathan Escarcega said it all started to pile up when a guest reached out.

“He said, ‘You have my $ 300 card, haven’t you? “And we were like ‘no’ and after that we just had to ask people and it sucked,” Nathan said.

The same day – in the same place – Leah said the same thing had happened to her. His card box was completely empty.

“We put two and two together, and like ‘oh my God, I think the cards were stolen. “I didn’t know if it was an employee, a hotel guest or a random one on the street because anyone can walk into a hotel,” Therese Wing said. , Leah’s mother.

Officials at the Albuquerque Hotel said this has never happened before. If that was the case, they would have sensitized these families. Hotel officials said they didn’t believe it was an employee, and combed through surveillance footage – but came back empty.

The brides said the gift tables were well out of the camera’s view.

“I think sentimental value is the most important thing,” Leah said. “I’ve kept all my cards, even birthday cards, since I was young. So it really puts a damper on marriage. I hope the hotel makes some changes in the future.”

“Not only have we lost the monetary value of what was in these cards, but we will never regain the sentimental value of what our guests wished for us that day,” Kaitlyn said.

On top of that, another couple reported to APD that their box of gift cards was also stolen from another hotel last month. KOB 4 spoke to APD, but officials said they didn’t find a trend.

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