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TikToker turns his sister’s dorm into a ‘5-star hotel’


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This TikToker’s incredible sleeping quarters makeover has viewers asking for design consultations.

Making a living space feel like home is essential to one’s well-being. No one knows this better than TikToker Alethea Jay (@aletheajay), who used her interior design talents to transform her sister’s basic dorm room into a five-star luxury hotel. It’s so amazing that viewers are asking for a date.

The clip opens with a standard “front” shot of the dorm. Luggage and plastic bags full of bedding and linens are strewn across the floor and the bed. The camera pans to show more bare white cinder block walls before stopping at a basic wooden desk and chair.

Suddenly the clip jumps to a shot of the finished design transformation. The makeover is so impressive it’s hard to believe it’s the same room as the previous pictures.

Jay covered the walls in gray canvas panels, adding warmth to the room, followed by professional framed photos of his sister. Soft linens and pillows transform the once sterile bed into luxurious bedrooms.

A neutral side table and top adorned with crystal accents provide a minimal yet glamorous finishing touch.

“Do you have a business?”

Viewers took to the comments to congratulate Jay on his work.

“OMG this looks better than most luxury apartments,” said one user.

“Do you have a business? I would love your service,” one TikToker asked.

“From prison room to 5 star hotel,” added another viewer.

Others were curious what her sister’s roommate and resident advisor thought of the bold decor.

“Is the other roommate okay?” one user joked.

“[It’s] all the fun and games until the wallpaper fails inspection not to be [at least] 2 feet from the ceiling,” another TikToker noted.

While it’s unclear if the piece passed security inspection, it did look really good in the process.

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