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Travel and Tours: by Burzil Dube – Hotel buildings urgently need “DNA testing”



VARIOUS theories have been launched regarding the origins and treatment of Covid-19 whose ripple effects continue to be felt around the world. A similar scenario is also taking shape in Zimbabwe, where DNA test results have left a trail of broken families.

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic and has been effective in establishing true paternity of a particular child in the event of parental conflict.

There is an organization that would offer free DNA testing facilities to couples, who sometimes publicly state their paternity results that were allegedly done between couples.

While this is seen as a noble gesture in terms of authenticating paternity, some sections of society have vehemently opposed it, warning of far-reaching implications that should even go beyond the ripple effects of Covid-19.

However, interim measures have been implemented to tackle the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic, which has claimed millions of lives around the world and slowed development programs, among other related issues.

Some of the measures include wearing a face mask covering both nose and mouth, social distancing, regular hand washing with soap, disinfection, and limiting handshakes.

Vaccination is another method of fixing Covid-19 which, according to experts, is the most effective against this pandemic.

Most countries have already put in place mandatory measures such as vaccination of all able-bodied Jack and Jill for easier access to key services such as employment, travel and touring, among others.

However, most members of the public are no longer obsessed with Covid-19, but with the DNA tests that have taken the country by storm. Currently, there are no interim measures or vaccination against this exercise, the ripple effects of which could be miles away from Covid-19.

The same applies to the hospitality industry, which believes its facilities need some form of “paternity test” mechanism to bring sanity back to the sector whose services leave a lot to be desired.

Some hotels and lodges across the country have passed their sell-by dates in terms of service quality and other related issues. They wonder if they subscribe to the principles of the modern tourism industry.

Most of the “paternity” tests are missing in the scoring system where the five-digit number is considered the highest or best in quality in this tourist scoring system.

This exercise is the most sought-after honor awarded by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA), a statutory hospitality and tourism promotion body.

However, there is a need to clarify the implementation of this noble honor which plays a central role in the travel and tourism industry, as some international visitors see it as a priority among their travel needs.

Yours Truly tried to get an explanation from ZTA on how the star rating or rating is done and it didn’t work. This is the organization that seeks to promote the tourist resort areas of the country and is reportedly reintroducing tourism attachés.

The attachés will be stationed in various foreign countries as part of efforts to promote Zimbabwe’s premier tourist resort.

There are some hotel facilities that could have been last classified over five years ago and whose services have now dropped to alarming levels, much to the disdain of any analytical-minded guest.

This will cast the entire hospitality industry in a bad light, and it will be up to everyone to guess what the impact will be in terms of customer feedback.

If such a trend is not stopped with the urgency it deserves, it will certainly drive all hotel entrepreneurship to oblivion, as some of Zimbabwe’s lodges and hotels are considered some of the best in the world.

Yours Truly recently encountered such a reality when checking into one of the “main” three-star hotels, whose reception area was a harbinger of worse things. The overwhelmingly beautiful lady who ran the front desk was not even aware of the hotel’s ranking status, let alone the reasons for such a prestigious honor.

This was despite the fact that she was standing behind a three-star gold embossed plaque symbolizing the hotel’s status.

While my assigned room was in immaculate condition, the bathing facility left a lot to be desired and you didn’t even have a choice in terms of choosing your favorite menu.

The TV channels were controlled from a designated central location and in this case it was at reception, much to the chagrin of the few guests who had also booked at this property.

A quick “DNA test” performed by none other than Yours Truly established that this mansion was last listed seven years ago and that the building has changed hands in terms of ownership.

How many hotels located there also operate in a similar landscape?

Such a synopsis can be equated to the current topic of DNA testing which, as mentioned earlier, resulted in broken families following a certification of paternity that would have turned out negative in terms of parentage with the biological father.

In this case, the “child” in question who urgently needs a paternal testing mechanism within the tourism industry are the hotels and lodges whose structures and services need a certain boost to recover. their former glory.

The time is nigh to bring fatherly sanity to the hospitality industry in terms of the much sought after hotel rating system.

These are just the thoughts of Yours Truly.

Until we find ourselves in the next column.



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