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Two people arrested for kidnapping and murdering hotel management student


Police in Rajarajeshwari Nagar arrested a freight truck driver and his brother for kidnapping and murdering their former employer’s son, a 21-year-old hotel management student. His body was found in a burlap bag near a rajakaluve earlier this week.

Police said the accused Tajamul Pasha, 39, and his brother Syed Nasir, 26, were employees of the victim’s father, Mani, a fruit seller from Bharati Nagar. “A few months ago, they asked Mani for a loan of 1.5 lakh, which Mani refused to grant them,” said Deputy Police Commissioner (West) Sanjeev Patil, who was overseeing the investigation.

The brothers quit their job three months ago and hatched a plan to kidnap Mani’s son Tarun to get the money. On November 1, before Deepavali, they told Tarun that they would help him get firecrackers at cheaper rates.

They took him to their sister’s in Arekere and locked him in the terrace room. They gagged him and taped his mouth to prevent him from screaming. “However, Tarun died from asphyxiation as a result of which the accused threw his body into a storm drain in RR Nagar. They then called Mani and demanded 50 lakh for safe release. of his son, ”said a police officer.

At that time, Mani had filed a missing person complaint with the police because his son had not returned home. The next day, Tarun’s body was found in the burlap sack.

Using details from the call tapes, police, who had been alerted to the ransom call, found Pasha and Nasir near a bus stop minutes before they boarded a bus. to escape the city. The police have yet to question their sister, who is on the run. “The investigation revealed that other people were also involved in the crime. We will find them, ”said Patil.


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