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What lies behind the doors of the Obsidian Hotel


Season three of The Umbrella Academy arrives, along with a new home base for the Hargreeves family. The Obsidian Hotel is a seedy-but-chic hotel featured by Klaus in the new trailer for the upcoming season, but what secrets could be hiding behind its doors?

At the end of the second season, the Academy finally returned to the present after being stuck in the 1960s. Unfortunately, the family entered an alternate reality and were seemingly replaced by a new group of super-powered siblings. called Sparrow Academy. Nonetheless, the Hargreeves are bound to encounter another apocalyptic event that must be avoided, and the crew will need a new headquarters to call their own, which is where Hotel Obsidian comes in.

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In the teaser, the siblings go up to a shabby-but-chic hotel that guests stare at curiously. Klaus clearly has an affinity for the hotel, and seems to have been here once before, as he mentions missing it. In an attempt to assuage the disgust of his five other siblings, Klaus announces that the Obsidian is home to many world leaders, including “not one, but two Kardashians.” Not only that, but a major selling point is that the hotel now serves as the perfect place to secretly save the world from an apocalypse.

Given the inexplicable nature of The Umbrella Academy, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Obsidian Hotel was more than meets the eye. First there is the matter of Klaus’ relationship with the hotel. He claims to have missed “her”, which suggests that Klaus must have been here before at some point. What was his past relationship with Obsidian, and could it have something to do with why he brought his siblings there today? Klaus has a lot of power, which even his father says he has yet to harness, so his ties to the hotel might run deeper than he realizes. In Season 1, Klaus jumped back in time to the Vietnam War era, where he fell in love with Dave. Perhaps he stayed at the Obsidian at some point during his accidental trip down memory lane.

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The hotel’s current guests are next in question. In the teaser, as the siblings enter the hotel, they are greeted by strange characters. A bellboy, a woman wearing sunglasses, and a man peering behind a newspaper are just a few of these strange guests. The woman is even shown in the clip whispering to another mystery guest. They might have something to do with the next apocalyptic event predicted to plague the Hargreeves siblings and send their world spiraling once again. There’s also the reality that the Hargreeves seem to have no trouble messing up the timeline. These hotel guests could also be in cahoots with the Commission, only furthering this intrigue. Then, of course, these characters may not mean anything, but their weird behaviors and vibes suggest otherwise.

The Umbrella Academy the kids go for a ride in Season 3 and will have to figure out where they belong now that their old home has been taken over by a seemingly different version of themselves. The dilapidated Hotel Obsidian may seem like a nice and cozy hideout for the super gang, but the Obsidian is also a hotel of secrets and mischief.

Season 3 of Umbrella Academy will be available to stream on Netflix on June 22.