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When will Red Jacket Mountain View Resort reopen? Fire investigation complete – NBC Boston


An investigation into a massive fire that destroyed much of the Red Jacket Mountain View Resort in North Conway, New Hampshire, and forced the popular hotel to cancel all reservations through Labor Day, has been completed, announced officials on Friday.

After a review of the fire-ravaged resort, as well as interviews with hotel guests and people who witnessed the blaze, New Hampshire State Fire Marshal Sean Toomey said said in a news release that the cause of the April 30 fire was listed as undetermined.

“An undetermined cause classification means that the cause of the fire could not be proven with an acceptable level of certainty,” Toomey said.

Fire investigators, however, have found no evidence or information to suggest the fire was started intentionally or that a crime was committed, Toomey added.

Flames engulfed the second and third floors of one wing of the hotel. Fire investigators say there were no sprinklers in the section where the fire started.

The Office of the Fire Marshal said it answered several questions about the hotel’s fire protection systems and wanted to answer what was in place when the flames broke out.

Investigators determined that the hotel rooms were equipped with wired local smoke detectors with battery backup, in addition to a heat detector from the fire alarm system.

According to Toomey, the smoke detectors were designed to sound only in individual rooms when activated, and the heat detector would trigger the building’s fire alarm system, also when activated.

The main hotel hallways were equipped with fire alarm system smoke detectors and alarm notification devices such as horns/strobes.

There was no full automatic sprinkler system in the south wing of the hotel, where the fire started, and this type of sprinkler system was not required in existing hotels which are not considered like skyscrapers.

“Automatic sprinkler systems in new hotels became a fire code requirement in 1991 for non-highrise buildings,” Toomey said.

Two firefighters and one other person were injured in the blaze, the state fire marshal’s office said. They are expected to be fine.

The powerful fire injured several people, including two firefighters and two civilians, and destroyed large parts of the station. Videos shared online showed smoke and flames rising from rooms on the hotel’s second and third floors, and people were also seen jumping from third-floor balconies to escape the flames.

Firefighters from more than 20 communities across the region helped battle the large blaze, which was made more difficult by. strong gusts of wind.

Some hotel rooms were completely charred and the damage was extensive as a result of the fire. A resort representative announced in late May that all reservations through September 5 were cancelled, apologizing for the inconvenience and saying hotel officials hoped to reopen as soon as possible. The resort remains closed more than 2.5 months after the fire that ravaged the hotel.

Photos: Massive fire at popular Red Jacket Resort in North Conway, NH

The resort is a family retreat in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and is home to Kahuna Lagunaa popular indoor water park.

No other information is published at this time. Anyone with information about this fire is asked to contact the State Fire Marshal’s Office at 603-223-4289.